How many cities?

I was just wondering if anyone knew how many cities, towns, villages, municipalities, etc. there were in the USA. I couldn’t seem to find any place that had one number. Thanks


According to Cecil’s little helper:
In short (well, too late for that), according to the U.S. Census Bureau, there are 19,354 “incorporated places” in the United States.

19,355 if you have to include Pittsburgh.

Hate to disagree with Shagnasty, but the answer is (was, as of 1997) 36,001, with an addtional 3,043 counties and 13,726 school districts.

The 36,001 consisting of 19,372 municipalities and 16,629 townships. Overall, there are 87,453 units of local government (excluding the 50 states).

OK SmartyPantses. Make it a little harder. I’ve always wondered about worldwide too. Any help there?