How many countries can non-Americans name on a blank map?

Of course - Wikipedia has one. Administrative counties of England.

I think my geographical knowledge is pretty good. I could name most if not all of the UK counties on an outline map, and probably around 90% of other European countries. Maybe 80% on Africa.

I 've always liked maps!

I’m European (UK) and I think I could identify most of the US states!

The average African? It’d be a toss-up: African education is still very much focused on rote learning, so an educated African might stand a good chance. This is counterbalanced by the lack of good education for most Africans. On the whole, I’d not bet on an average African being able to name every state in Africa.

My point, at least in part, is that English counties are not fixed. They have no sovereignty, so the government can change them around as it pleases. And in fact, did so less than 100 years ago. US states, on the other hand, do have sovereignty and their borders can’t be changed without their legislatures’ permission. There’s only a handful of significant changes that have been made to their shapes, and they all happened more than 100 years ago.

As it is, I could identify some counties and make fairly good guesses on most of the rest. I have a pretty good idea of which part of England most of them are in.

American and I could identify all the European countries, even the new ones like Transnistria.