How Many Died On This Ship?

How many sailors died in WWII aboard the US aircraft carrier USS Lexington CV-16 during the course of the war? The ship is now a museum at Corpus Christi, Texas. I’ve read accounts of a kamikaze attack that killed somewhere between 40 and 100 aboard, but what’s the Straight Dope on that attack? And what’s the grand total dead?

This site lists 246 WWII dead in CV-6, 69 being from the ship’s company, the rest from air groups with the exception of eight whose affiliation is unknown. No figures are given for wounded.

Another site, Memorial Ships Muster, makes this statement about the Lexington:

I’ve read elsewhere that the attacking plane was a Zeke (aka Zero) that hit aft of the island, which was largely destroyed, but that flight operations were continued in ~20 minutes. This was right after the Battle of Leyte Gulf.

CV-6 was the Enterprise, the above post refers only to CV-16.