How many Dopers are pro-war (with Iraq?)

Just wondering. I expect war opponents to pop in here with “not me’s”. That’s fine too. I was just wondering who does, in fact, think a war with Iraq is justified?

I certainly do, at this point.

I’m more than ready to start kicking ass and taking names.

Ohyeah, and I’m pro-war too.


I wish they would have let us finish the first time we were on our way to Bahgdad.

I am as well.

I’m pro getting rid of Saddam, peacefully if possible, but by war if necessary.

No secret where I stand.

We’re about 11 years too late, but if we get started right away, there’s still some good to be done…for us, for the region, for the Iraqis.

We’re goin’ to Baghdad. Floor it.

Well put, gobear. That’s more in line with my opinion as well. I simply think that we’re very close to having exhausted peaceful options.

Time’s up. Die, assholes, die.

I’m pretty conflicted, but on the whole am coming down in favor of the war. Certainly I find the “peace-nik” position to be understandable (who whats anyone’s children, of any color or age, to die?), but short-sighted and simplistic. I think it’s a hugely complicated problem, and anyone who doesn’t have serious reservations about starting another war – anywhere – lacks a sense of history about the consequences and cost of war.

Iraq and any terrorist places = Necessary parking space.

Well thank goodness. I thought I was the only pro-war guy out there. I even wrote a journalism article about why I believe we should just get it over with. I am right along with gobear. We’ve been waiting 11 years too long, and it needs to be taken care of asap.
Just curious. How many of you pro-war’ers are republicans?

Although my id says we should take out the bastard, I do have reservations about the enormous expenditure of this action. I echo the sentiments already expressed that we should have finished the job to begin with.

Let’s go get the job done, and do it right this time.

I couldn’t be called a Republican, though I have voted for Republican candidates from time to time.

Not me, ThatGuyWithPants. I’m a Democrat. I don’t like George Bush, Cheney, or Ashcroft. Never have, and I doubt that I ever will.

But I’m pro-war.

I view this as necessary diplomacy-by-force. I, however, certainly do not agree with some of the bloodthirstier things I’ve seen in this thread.

I’m against the war, but I am posting here because

I Can’t Stand The Rhetoric Of The Antiwar Movement!

Thank you.

Rock on.

I lean to the right BTW.

Yes, I agree that we should go to war, as rotten as that is. Going to war against Saddam is, in my opinion, the only option currently left. I think by now that we’ve tried everything else. I do not say this lightly.

Gee, y’all are giving me the warm fuzzies!


Another Democrat who’s reluctantly pro-war, but not now. Not until and unless we have more allies.

A second resolution, a deadline, clear goals, and then, when Saddam doesn’t comply (and he won’t), let’s roll.

As vehemently pacifist as I am, I don’t think there is going to be much the UN and its involved countries can do to fix this problem but go to war. I’d love for Saddam et al to back down, but from everything I’ve read/heard/seen, that is about as likely as the sun waving a big blue hand hello to the earth tomorrow.