How many Dopers from Tennessee?

I was just curious how many Dopers are from Tennessee, and where you are located.

Jackson, TN

Well, I’m originally from Chattanooga, currently live in Knoxville and I’ve lived in Murfreesboro and Nashville. But I’m moving out of state within the month.

I’m right smack between Nashville and Clarksville.



My parents live in Clarksville. I’ll wave at you around exit 35 next time I go to visit. :slight_smile:

Yo! Check my location.

Here I am!
To Save The Daaaayyy!


Ah, why bother? :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m in Memphis.

I get to Murfreesboro pretty frequently.

Another Murfreesboroian checking in.


Memphis, and getting out ASAfreakingP.

I actually live in Scottsboro, Alabama, but I feel like I live in Chattanooga and Murfreesboro, since on any given workday, I’m either there or travelling between them.

I’m in Oregon currently but was born, raised, and lived in Cleveland, Tennessee up until January of this year. Can’t say I miss it that much either.

I’m reluctant to say I’m from Tennessee, since I’ll always be a New Englander at heart. But I’ve been living here (Hermitage/Mt. Juliet) for over four years now, with no end in sight, so I guess that qualifies.

From being the operative word…

I’m from the Bristol area, but currently live in Houston.

Up until a year ago I lived in Gallatin

Yet another Murfreesboro citizen checking in. I think we’ve got a pretty high density of dopers in this area…have we ever had a dopefest here?

We’ve had two. The first one, me Bosda, Drewbert, and evilbeth showed up (despite promises of others being there). The second one was just me, Bosda and Drewbert, showing up with everyone else being a no show for whatever reason.

I am surprised there are so many from around where I go to school (Cookeville). I pass by many of your places along I-40 all the time.