How many *female* Frankenstein's monsters, in film?


…so, I was just wondering, how many movies (mostly horror and sci-fi movies, I’d presume) feature a female “Frankenstein’s Monster”?

Not a zombie or a vampire or anything, but a being assembled from dead humans, and brought back to life using mad science.

Preferably either by a version of Victor Frankenstein himself, one of his decendants, or someone copying his research.

Bonus points if the “monster” actually survives the movie.

The movies that I can think of, right off the bat, are…

Bride of Frankenstein, obviously.

Ditto for Sting’s The Bride.

Helena Bonham Carter was reanimated in Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein, if only briefly.

I caught the end of Frankenstein Unbound on TCM the other day, and it seemed to feature a female monster at one point. I don’t know who she was supposed to be, tho’.

And in all of those movies, only Jennifer Beals in The Bride lived long enough to have a “happy ending.”
So…any others?

I can think of two more off the top of my head: the titular character in Bride of Re-Animator, and of course Frankenhooker.

There was a Hammer film, Frankenstein Created Woman.

Presumably the female Creature Dr Frankenstein created to satisfy the original Creature’s demand for a mate (IE, the same one that pops up in Bride of Frankenstein and The bride).

But in the book he destroyed (from the way the book says it, it sounds like he ripped it up pretty good) the female one before he had reanimated it.

There’s LADY FRANKENSTEIN, which sucked monkey nards.

Re Frankenstein Unbound

The movie, which is bad, does not follow the book, which is a crime against humanity, closely. The book has a man thrown back in time travelling between a world with Byron and Shelley, and a world where Frankenstein and his creations are real. The monster is the intelligent and misunderstood from Mary Shelley’s original piece of crap. The film features a monster with the mind of a small child and IIRC no Byron and Shelley.

[SPOILER] In the book Frankenstein does indeed build a Bride. Among other interesting feautues, her urethra is connected to a micro penis attached to her thigh-presumably freeing the vagina for purely sexual functions. She and the monster have hot monster sex and seem to fall in love.

   In the movie, Frankenstein does not build a Bride. However, when his Elisabeth dies, he reanimates her. Her mind survives intact, but her body is deformed. 

Note-The movie has Raul Julia playing a blonde German. Julia can convincingly play many roles. But a blonde German is not one of them. He makes a good mad scientist. But BLONDE? German?[/SPOILER]

Lady Frankenstein wouldn’t count; all she created was a hunk o’ man.

For a fun review, see The Bad Movie Report.

In the made-for-TV movie from 1993, Frankenstein starts building a female, as in the book, but tears it apart. I think he does so in the neglected film Terror of Frankenstein, too.

Artist Tomi Ungerer drew a picture of the Frankenstein monster and a female creature going at “hot monster sex” (she has three buttocks, among other things). I’ll bet he’s not the only one to do that.

…hot monster sex…

How’s this? (work safe)

Resin kit of a Coop conception