How many folks are stocking up on Light Bulbs before the government takes them away?

Big brother in the U.S. is stepping in and shutting off manufacture of incandescent light bulbs starting in 2012.

I’ll resist the urge to rant because the dirty deed was done back in early 2008. We’re already screwed.

The trick is to get enough for personal use to at least last out our own lifetimes.

I’ve been buying cases of 40 Watt and 75 Watt bulbs. That’s the two sizes I use in my house.

The problem is remembering all the other bulbs in your house. Those floodlights on the corner of your house, the appliance bulb in your refrigerator and stove. How about those yellow bug lights in your carport? You have to have those stocke piled too. You’re not going to cram one of those new bulbs into your fridge. They are too darn big.

Anyone else getting ready?

I am forming a company to stockpile a large number of these bulbs in Canada. After 2012, they will be in great demand and I’ll be shipping them to eager US customers for high prices. They will be labeled “Barry & David Gift Boxes”.

Holy shit, the Mayans were right! It’s the end of the world for me as I loathe anything but incandescent lighting. Looks like I’m switching to candles and lanterns.

There’s plenty of time to put away a few cases in the attic. Right now they are still easy to find. But, the closer to 2012 the more demand there will be and inventories will get low.

I’ve tried the new bulbs and despise them. They put out an ugly depressing color of light. I removed mine after a month and threw them out.

I despise most of them, too, but I’ve found quite a variability in the manufacturing. Some brands are better than others, and some colors are more pleasing. If you are forced to comply with the law, shop around.

Huh. My parent’s house and my on-campus apartment are already all CFL. I know some people get all hot and bothered by it but I never have. Guess it just sucks to be some people.

Home Depot sells inexpensive CFLs in three different color temperatures. The Warm Whites are indistinguishable from incandescent. I like the Bright White better, and I think the Daylight lamps appear even brighter, but are a bit too blue for my taste (although they do make a room sparkle).

If color is something that bothers you, try getting ahold of a sheet of theatrical lighting gels in the light amber range. Something like Roscolux’s #14 is a good color if you find fluorescents or CFLs too white. Just cut the filter to fit around the light and you’re good to go. The amount of heat they put out is negligible enough that the filter will last a good long while and it will warm the light’s color right up.

I’m sure CFL’s will improve. Especially after the new laws make them the only thing available.

That’s another reason I’m buying incandescent light bulbs now. I’ll eventually run out, but by then CFL’s won’t be so expensive and hopefully they’ll put out a better color light.

I have two four foot fluorescent lights in my kitchen. I use the cool white and I like them. The older style fluorescent are in office buildings everywhere. I don’t mind them at all. Unless the ballast transformer hums. :wink:

I use CFLs all the time and I find them to be more or less indistinguishable from incandescent light bulbs. Not ALL of them have that blue-white office-style light; they make ones with warm yellow tones.

Popular Mechanics evaluated them scientifically a couple of years ago. Sounds like some would be a problem for vampire Dopers.

I point and laugh at people who like outdated technology, but I think a government-mandated switchover is also silly

Exactly. why not let the free market work? Get the price down on CFL’s. Fix the color issues and the size. At some point they’ll begin to out sell incandescent. Eventually incandescent will go away like the 8 track and reel to reel tape players.

The free market works when it’s not interfered with.

When incandescent bulbs are outlawed, only outlaws will have incandescent bulbs. – Albert Einstein

My problem with CFL’s is how quickly they lose brightness. They’re fine when they’re new then a few short months later I can’t see enough to read or do crafts.
When CFL’s can stay bright I’ll happily switch.

Explain please? CFLs are cheaper than incandescent bulbs.

Cite? That’s not my experience.

I’m not sure how that’s possible.

Scroll to table 2.

That table calculates the price of the initial bulb and replacements, and the cost of electricity. But even if you exclude the electricity cost, you still come out ahead with CFLs, since they last ten times longer than incandescents but don’t cost ten times as much.

In 5 years the whole deal will be meaningless, because LEDs will replace everything.