How Many Generations of Nuclear Aircraft Carriers Has The US Built?


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Enterprise Class:

Nimitz Class:
Nimitz, Eisenhower, Vinson, Roosevelt, Lincoln, Washington, Stennis, Truman, Reagan, Bush

Ford Class:
Ford, Kennedy

How about the WWII Essex Class and the Casablanca Class Escort carriers? Midway Class: Midway, Coral Sea, Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Those will only be powered by nuclear reactors after the Time Interventionists win their war in 4829… only after that’s happened will/was your statement become true.

Has anyone else produced even one?

France. Charles de Gaulle.

Either 3, or 9 depending on how you define “class”. The Bush is a completely different beast from the Nimitz.

Ship classification gets fun because of how large and complicated the construction of a ship is, and how long it takes. By the time you finish building the second ship, you’ve likely incorporated a wide number of changes due to things like lessons learned, new equipment that needs to be incorporated, streamlining of the design/construction process, etc.

This is why back in the first half of the 20th Century, it was relatively rare to have a class of Battleships with more than two or three ships to enter service before a new class was introduced. Rapidly advancing state of the art combined with expensive and lengthy construction.

The Navy considers the Bush to be the 10th and final ship of the Nimitz class. As the older Nimitz class carriers come in for refit and refuel (fission plants) they are updated to the latest standards. The basic hull and layouts remained largely the same throughout the long life of this class of ships. Now the Navy does break them into 3 sub-classes but that is not the same.
Nimitz subclass
Theodore Roosevelt subclass
Ronald Reagan subclass

“Generation” is being taken to mean “class”. At one time warships of multiple classes would be viewed as of the same ‘generation’, if that term were anachronistically applied. But in case of the USN CVN’s I think it more or less corresponds, and the sub classes of the Nimitz type are not separate ‘generations’. So I agree with three: Enterprise, Nimitz types, Ford.

What makes the Bush so different from the Nimitz?

Hull differences (bulbous bow), different and repositioned island, more fuel storage.

Just noticed “nuclear” in original question. Duh.