How many Israelis have been killed by Gazan rocket attacks in 2008?

Factual question: How many Israelis have been killed (or wounded) by Gazan rocket attacks in 2008 (before 12/27, that is)? I haven’t been able to find any good figures–just one report about a migrant worker on a kibbutz who was killed.

What’s your definition of wounded? Many civilians have been treated for shock and large percentages of the population in certain areas have PTSD. About 3000 rockets have hit Israel in 2008, according to Wikipedia.

So presuming the wiki lists all physical injuries, I count three Israelis, two Palestinians and one foreign worker wounded, zero dead.

this site gives the israelis killed by all attacks

I count 5 killed in rocket and mortar attacks, though not all may have been fired from Gaza. What is also interesting is the dramatic decrease in civilian Israeli wounded and , from 1700 in 2001 to 110 last year