How many Message boards did you lurk or try

Before settling on this one.? I think I lurked at least 30 or more Newsgroups and or message boards.

:smiley: Just my way of juming in to the pond :smiley:

None. This was the first one I’d ever seen. I figured they were all like this; when I got around to checking out one or two others, I was horrified.

Well, this is the only message board of it’s type that I have even been to. I liked what I saw and have never strayed. I do, however, post to several other interest-specific message boards.

:confused: chumming or jumping. I guess they both work :smiley:

I got spoiled, because this is one of the first ones I really read regularly. Like Jackelope, I’m pretty much horrified when I go to most other boards.

I lurked at another message board before finding this one. It was (and is) a pretty immature, but funny, board visited mostly by teenagers. Its fairly famous (one of the twenty most visited forums on the net) and probably known to many of you. I tried posting there but didn’t quite fit in. I still visit it occasionally, but spend much more time at the Dope.

Just tgree others. I really liked the first one and made some nice friends, but a few people were assholes, and the quality did deteriorate after a while. Then an outside event made it necessary for me to leave it. I have the option to go back someday, though, I think.

Another was very specific to my mental-health issue, and it just wasn’t able to hold my interest for very long.

The third seemed like it had promise, but was in fact in the process of dying due to lack of participation when it got hacked and apparently never recovered.

This one, I think, is a keeper.

I hang out on about 10 different boards. Some of them are martial arts related, but the rest are general discussion. However, none of them have the depths that SDMB does.

And that includes depravity, as well. :smiley:

In my day,:

I started on the AOL chatrooms. I was 17. It was nice.

Then over the years, I’ve been at:

a Lot of the forums
The Hinduism forum
The Atheist’s forum
The American Atheist’s forum
The Adult Adoptee forum

A lot of these as you see are theme-oriented. Now I don’t feel the need for those as much. So I haven’t been to any of those in years.

I am currently part of two other boards, the Gor boards, where I am almost completely a lurker, and Skip’s Magic Board. I am pretty fairly a lurker there too, but I have more than 3 posts, which is what I have on the Gor boards! But still these days I must confess I only go there when these boards are down. I’m bad, I know.

I also post somewhat on the Literotica forums.

Anyway, welcome, DrunkOnion!

I post regularly on a board relating to my local hockey team, and occasionally on another hockey related board. Otherwise, the Dope is it! Just like with my hubby - once you’ve found the right one, there’s no need to keep looking! :slight_smile:

3-5 before I found this one. I’m a member of 5 others and lurk on 2.

I own one small board, moderate a larger one, and have been fairly well known on both the SOE EQ2 forums and the COX forums.

This is the first message board I ever joined. I was on a useless information quest, and happened across the SDMB. I would hate a board that went in for a lot or ROLFMAO and so on, so I am staying here. :slight_smile:

This was my first. It was love at first site.

I got ya…I like the spice here and the rules are just strict enought to keep the heat at a roast but not burn level.

I’ve seen a few :eek: …needless to say, this the only one that I have an actual membership to.

Back in my Appraisal days, I was a Real Estate appraiser I was a member of a GREAT Appraisers board…I have been member of several VW and VW Passat boards…and Occasionally i place a smart ass comment at

FTR i have lurked here for a long time before bucking up the $$


I hung out at snopes for a while, but found many of the members to be rather agressive. That was many years ago, so maybe it has improved.

I started off on Pokemon boards. Four of them.

And then that “If you set yourself on fire, do not run” thing happened, and I was linked to the board that hosted that (might have been Internet Infidels?), and while lurking there I found the link here.

I still post (occasionally and unpredictably) on two of the Pokemon boards, and then there’s this one, and a local forum and a soap/bath-related forum.

From most to least used, my message boards rank like this:

Soap forum
Local forum
Two Pokemon boards

More than you wanted to know, I guess, but what the heck!

On a daily or at least once a week:
SDMB, of course.
A free legal advice forum.
A couple of NASCAR forums.
4 or 5 of the Craigslist discussion forums.

A few times or fewer a month:
A couple geneology forums. (A cousin I have never met and I keep in touch at one)
A NASCAR diecast forum.
And when I’m bored, I do some drive by postings at a couple of forums that I disagree with most of the members.