How many muscles in human body?

We are trying to find out how many muscles in a human body. We are disputing the exact amount. I say there are 346 and my friend says 250.
And he posted the original question and yes has a problem with the muscle that creates caps.

Although I may have all those muscles whichever it might be they are not all developed to their potential…

Can someone put this probing question to rest?

Only if you promise not to double post. It’s severely frowned upon.

Google, “number muscles human body”.

muscle list.

221 listed here, but that’s not the total number thanks to bilateral symmetry. All the muscles between the ribs are listed once, when actually there are 12 of those. So DDG may well be right with her number.

The reason for the odd number is, of course due to the heart, which is a muscle, and generally the only one of which there is one only.

Unless one is heartless, in which case the correct number would be 638.

But if the heartless person had a love muscle, then it would be back up to 639.


Sorry, my mis-typing. That should be 22 intercostals.

I thought the tongue was a muscle.

DDG, you are a saucy one, aren’t you?

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Yes the tongue is made up of a number of muscles, but they are paired. Certain types of nerve or brain damage will cause the tongue to deviate right or left because of paralysis of half of the pairs.