How many musical groups have names with US Presidents in them?

Not necessarily named after the President. Just with a name of a President.

It occurred to me that “Jefferson Airplane” has the name of Thomas Jefferson in it.

And, of course, there’s Dead Kennedys.

Any others?

The Presidents of The United States Of America.

George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic
Mojo Nixon

Wilson Phillips
Ryan Adams
Bryan Adams
Jackson Browne

The Jackson Five comes to mind.

Do Polk-a bands and music count?


The Carter Family
Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine
Grant Lee Buffalo
Sputnik Monroe

Buchanan Brothers


Blind Lemon Jefferson
John Wesley Harding

Soft Machine (Refers to Bush and Cheney respectively)

The Brothers Johnson

Bonnie Tyler?
Grover Washington?
Isaac Hayes?

Single artists count?

Linkin Park, which I assume is the “cool” spelling of Lincoln.

Eddy Grant?

Wilson Philips

Marilyn Monroe, Jeffrey Lee Pierce, Webb Pierce, Tim Pierce, The Pierces, Nat Pierce, Wilson Pickett.


*Assuming you accept my obviously imperfect methods. I asked the Spotify API to search for artists matching each presidential last name. Here’s the number of results for each:

Washington: 686
Adams: 1011
Jefferson: 269
Madison: 357
Monroe: 370
Jackson: 2154
Van Buren: 14
Harrison: 653
Polk: 65
Taylor: 2630
Fillmore: 27
Pierce: 335
Buchanan: 152
Lincoln: 270
Johnson: 3326
Grant: 952
Hayes: 517
Garfield: 49
Arthur: 1470
Cleveland: 214
McKinley: 79
Roosevelt: 141
Taft: 36
Wilson: 2098
Harding: 210
Coolidge: 22
Hoover: 81
Truman: 59
Eisenhower: 12
Kennedy: 631
Nixon: 180
Ford: 645
Carter: 1216
Reagan: 79
Bush: 361
Clinton: 214
Obama: 29
Note that many of the resulting matches are actual names (Dinah Washington, George Clinton, etc). Also, the search includes non-music audio files, so most presidents recent enough to have recorded speeches get included under their own names.