How many of the top ten sites have you been to?

Hmmm…I don’t go to very many
That’s it. Of that list, I only visit four. I’m pretty lame.

(of course, there’s less than fifteen sites I really visit on a regular basis.)

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Uhh…that was a typo,T. What I meant to say was the Burlington Public Library has a superb site that I visit at least daily and everyone should go there.Fuggetaboutit.

It isn’t.

I bet 95% of Canadians don’t even know where Burlington is! (I sure as hell don’t!)

That is SO messed up!

Da’s wha’ I t’ought you said. doesn’t like a very reputable source. Their ranking is done by a company called, a company that charges companies to appear high in their rankings. Also, neither company looks like more than a 5 person shop; I’m guessing the Burlington library is one of their top customers.