How many of the top ten sites have you been to?

I ran into this list of most popular sites and counted how many I’d been to.
I’ve been to just 10. Never heard of most of the rest.

I’ve been to eight.

[sub]Ebay! w00t w00t[/sub]

Burlington Public Library???


Some of those are banner ad providers, like, so you’ve probably “visited” those sites without realizing it.

Yahoo, Google and CNN only.

The three above plus Geocities. And none in the 11-25 range.

Judging from the highlighted links [list][li][][] why isn’t this one number one?[] isn’t this the same as Yahoo?[][/li]
I’m so boring.

Yahoo, AOL, and Google.
And why isn’t Amazon there?? :slight_smile:

I think the Burlington Public Library must have hired some goons and took someone’s spot.:slight_smile:

The Burlington Public Library site offers an internet search engine. Maybe it’s world famous in Canada.

Eleven that I know of. MSN is the home page of computers at school, but I never read it.

Only nine. I’m just not living up to my internet junkie personality. :frowning:

MSN is bigger than Google probably because people have their own search engine habits (a lot I know stick to AllTheWeb or AltaVista), and because MSN is the default log-out page for Hotmail users. There’s a few million guaranteed hits right there.

I assume Yahoo means the directory portal and GeoCities the homepage site. I doubt they’d be treated as the same site regardless of who owns them.

15 woot!

Although many only once.

All except:


I guess that leaves 19

Maybe about 14. Of course, a few of those I’ve only gone to a couple times (’s listing shows that advertising works, since it is by far the worse search engine on the web).

[goon voice]
Hey, just you don’ worry about what the liberry did to get on dat list, okay? It’s nunna yo’ bizness. Dat a problem fo’ you?
[/goon voice]


i’m eight-tastic!

I’ve been to twelve sites on the list.

Wow, I have been to 17 of those. I wouldn’t have guessed that much. Sigh, I guess that I am more mainstream then I thought;)