How many other "(Color) Collar" job terms are there?

We’ve all heard the terms “White Collar” and “Blue Collar” used to describe fields of employment, but I was wondering how many other, lesser known, “(Color) Collar” terms there are? My mother once heard the term “Pink Collar” used to describe secretarial-type jobs, due to the perception that most employees in that field were women (This was about 25 years ago.) But has anyone else heard of any other “Collar” terms?
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Redneck is quite similar to blue collar. Does that count?

Roman collar (Priests).

Steel collar = robots

black = religious
pink = sexual (at least in Japan)

Yellow collar = the great unwashed.


The only one that seems to be in regular use is pink collar, although I’ve heard black collar a few times.


I’ve heard open collar to describe tech workers.

First-time collar–talk radio jobs.

Stand-up collar–Elvis impersonators

Rhinestone collar–Dog groomers