How many people on Star Trek have doubles?

I happened across an old Deep Space 9 episode tonight where O’Brien keeps time-traveling 5 hours into the future. The freaky part is where he forces himself into the future to find out the cause of DS9’s impending destruction, dies, and his future self has to take his own place in the past. (That splitting sound you hear is my own skull being torn asunder.)

That being said, it made me wonder how often it is that somebody on any Trek show ends up getting duplicated for the audience. Some cases I can think of:

Picard: Ran into his duplicate from 6 hours in the future who fled from a destroyed Enterprise. The double faded out when his future was diverted.

Data: Has an evil twin brother, Lore, and another brother whose name I can’t remember from Nemesis. Lore was disassembled at the end of a two-part episode, with Data confiscating (and later using) his emotion chip.

Riker: Was accidentally split in two during a transporter accident. The “other” Riker took the name “Thomas.” Thomas joined the Maquis rebellion against the Cardassians and was apparently taken hostage (and eventually killed in a slave labor camp).

Crusher: No full duplicates here, but she once touched an icky goo that perfectly duplicated one of her hands.

Kirk: Was once split in two in a transporter accident. This wasn’t really a duplication so much as a splitting: one was good Kirk and the other was evil, and they had to be rejoined so that neither would die.

I can’t think of any others at the moment. For purposes of this discussion, though, Mirror Universe doubles don’t count. I mean, geeze, everybody theoretically has one of those.

In the DS9 episode Children of Time, the Defiant crew meets future descendents of themselves. Included are Dax, three generations removed, and a much more mellow Odo.

Also in DS9, the Changelings replaced Bashir and General Mortok, and probably a few other people I’m forgetting.

There was that DS9 episode that was told from the POV of a duplicate of Miles O’Brian that didn’t know it was a duplicate of Miles O’Brian. One of the best Star Trek episodes ever. Totally ripped off the plot, of course, although I forget who wrote the original.

Oooh, and I just remembered: there was a race of aliens that turned itself into an entire duplicate of Voyager, ship and crew complete.

Later, they discovered that they were duplicates, and turned into a big pile of Jello before anyone could rescue them. It was sad and confusing.

Oh yeah. That was Whispers, an excellent episode. Its plot was a complete ripoff of the movie Impostor.

There was also Visionari, in which O’Brien keeps jumping into the future to witness himself participate in several catastrophes which he must thwart.

That’d be a neat thing, considering the movie was released 3 years after DS9 went off the air.

I think you mean “short story (by Phillip K. Dick).” :slight_smile:

And since when was Thomas Riker killed? When did they say that?

Can’t we waive the “mirror universe” rule for Harry Kim and the baby? They did take up permanent residence on the mainstream Voyager, after all.

Admiral Janeway from the final ep., more a temporal anomaly than a mirror universe double.

Riker and Troi, from Barclay’s holodeck session, if only because they met their originals and made them squirm.

Tasha Yar’s posthumous double.

The Doctor’s many, many doubles, esp. the ones who read and enjoyed his book.

Oh, how about the fake Voyager crewmen who went around the Delta Quadrant selling memberships to the Federation?

Wasn’t there a whole alternate universe DS9, filled with evil versions of the good guys and good versions of the bad guys? In fact, I believe they even said it was the same alternate universe that Kirk and crew bumped into.

Sneghead, yes, but the OP already stipulated that the mirror universe doesn’t count. :slight_smile:


The very first ‘evil universe’ episode was ‘Mirror, Mirror’ on the original series. We saw evil doubles of all the major characters.

They’re not DOUBLES, though. Just imposters.

And, do the Silver Blood Voyager/crew count?

I mean They’re dead and all

But I think they count…

Sorry sorry sorry. Didn’t read carefully enough.

Are we defining “duplicates” as cretures who believe they are the originals? If not, you’d have to throw in:

The android Kirk, created by Roger Corby
The holographic Bashir, created by Louis Zimmerman
The fake Picard, created by those ugly guys who wanted to study teamwork, or something
There are numerous other cases of duplicates that were capable (for a while) of fooling other people.

There were also fake versions of those two aliens (the anarchist warrior guy and the wimpy submissive guy.)

Does shinzon count? There are three tng members with evil twins (if you count Tom RIker as evil). I can’t wait for the evil troi.

What about Louis Zimmerman as a double of the doctor (although technically the doctor is a double of him)

There was the TnG episode where Alexandre’s future self comes back through time to try and teach the kid some stuff.

[hopefully brief hijack]
I hate to bring up the Mirror Universe again, but there’s something that I’ve been wondering. What’s up with the MU these days? The last time I saw it was on an episode of DS9. The rebel DS9 guys from the Mirror Universe came into the normal universe and kidnapped Jake, forcing Sisko to go to the MU to rescue him.

Did they ever show the Mirror Universe again after that episode? Did we ever find out if the rebels won, or if MU DS9 was eventually destroyed?[/hopefully brief hijack]

I don’t suppose the changeling from ST:VI turning into Kirk counts?

There’s a remnant of Guinan in the Nexus (and presumably Soren, Kirk, and Picard as well).

On DS9, the changelings also replaced Kira once.

The Borg Queen?