How Many Posts Do You Edit?

On average, how many posts on the SDMB do you typically edit after clicking on the Submit button?

Looking back at many of my posts, I’m embarrassed to note that I’m in the 80 to 90 percent range. The heck?

I used to want the administrators of this board to increase the edit window from 5 to 10 minutes. Now I think 5 minutes is probably about right.

I edit every post that I submit. I try to proof read and correct right up until that infernal edit time limit slaps me down. Even then I see errors that make me cringe afterward.

I’ve never been able to writing cleanly. It’s always taken thirty revisions before I could submit a paper in school. That’s just how I write.

No exact numbers, but a lot. There so often seems to be a typo I missed, an awkward phrase I want to change after I press “Submit Reply”, or I just press Submit before thinking to preview the post.

Sometimes I edit, not to correct, but to add and avoid using a separate post. That would inflate the edit count.

Recently I’ve been afflicted with this condition that makes my fingers type a completely unrelated words while I think I’m typing a certain words or simply leave crucial words completely out such as “not” which completely changes my intended meaning of the sentence. Inevitably I have to edit every one of them, ie, if I managed to catch the error and correct them before the 5 min. time limit… hence only 80-90%.

It seems like no matter how much I proofread a post, almost every time I accidentally something out.

I’m not that great typing on the iPad. I think I’m hitting the space bar, but I often hit v or b instead, creating very long, consonant-heavy words. I then hit post too quickly, and have to go back and fix it.

100% . I’m really very good at spelling, honest! It’s just that this year I wanted to increase my typing speed, and it seems only to have worked on my left hand. So very often a letter from the left skips in front of the one it’s meant to follow. Most annoying, especially since my work computer prevents the spell-checker from working at SDMB.

But there’s also a strange sort of blindness which prevents me from seeing these things until after I hit [post], no matter how many times I re-read. There needs to be a word for this.

These old eyes almost always seem to miss something.

EDIT: Ha! Got this one okay and didn’t have to edit.

EDIT 2: Oh, wait. :frowning:

I edit a lot. My cheap laptop skips and I am a bad typist.

Usually I edit for bolding. I think “I will bold that person’s name when I am done posting” then forget to bold the name and have to go back and edit.

Or I have to add something because someone posted while I was posting and we got crossed up.

Usually I don’t have to edit for spelling or grammar because I have spellcheck in my browser, and if I don’t know the grammar as I type it I’m not going to know after I hit “Submit”! :slight_smile:

I always preview my posts, and I usually catch my mistakes there. I never use the Quick Reply box.

Heh. :slight_smile:

I don’t ever edit.

Shit, I get so used to editing here that I sometimes momentarily think I can retroactively edit sent emails.


Crap, I clicked on zero, meant to vote 1-10%. I usually proofread through a few times to make sure, but sometimes I make mistakes, or leave something out. Not often, but every once in a while.

1 - 10% I was here in the days before the edit capability was available and became used to previewing and reviewing carefully. And even if there is a typo in this post, I refuse to edit it.