How many record albums do you own?

Just curious. I still have all mine, around 1200 or so.

I assume you mean albums in any medium. I own no vinyl: okay, exactly one, but it’s for the cover art. I answered albums in any medium (including digital but I only own around 10 digital-only albums.)

ETA: Well drats, how do you change a poll answer?

On vinyl: none. I have about 500 on CD, not sure of the exact figure, but never counted. I have a few digital albums, bought and paid for on Rhapsody and Amazon. I have decided to stop buying CDs entirely and start buying downloads when available, as I convert almost all of my CDs, anyway.

In my own right: zero

Via shared property with my husband: somewhere between 500 and 1000.

Just to clarify: yes, I mean vinyl.

Just started collecting last year. I’ve got about 90 records so far. I really enjoy going down to markets and second-hand shops on the weekends and flicking through the records to find the good stuff. Last weekend I scored Bruce Springsteen’s “Nebraska”, INXS’s “Kick”, Lou Reed’s “Transformer” and Leonard Cohen’s Greatest Hits for $5 each, all in great condition. And I’m trying to buy all my new music on vinyl where possible.

There is something so wonderful about flicking through these large, colourful items in my collection when I’m selecting music, and the process of pulling the record out, flipping it around and sticking it on the player is a ritual that is really making me sit down and listen to the music much more carefully. I really love it.

The half a dozen or so records from my early childhood (Winnie the Pooh, Seaseme Street and Tiffany) are still with my parents’ collection, so I answered 1-25.

BIG vinyl resurgence going on right now. Yeehaw, I love vinyl.

Side nitpick: Younger new vinyl enthusiasts are calling records “vinyls”. This just grates. Get off of my lawn.

168 vinyl LPs

Slightly over 500 vinyl, about 150 CDs, uncountable MP3s from various sources, all of which are far, far less than my professional musician friends.

All vinyl and some CDs are in a computer database, locatable by individual cuts, artist, composer, album and song titles. None of which is the slightest use, since it’s all in my head and human random access is superior to computer in many cases.

I had about 500, but I sold them all about ten years ago.

That’s a good term for them. A CD of “Sergeant Pepper” is still an album, and still a record. Just not a vinyl LP. Even the Grammy awards acknowledges this.

An album means a collection, not just vinyl. We here own between one and two hundred records. Just sitting there, collecting dust. Some are downstairs in an old hope chest with a heavy old TV on it. Sometimes I wonder exactly what records are in there, but I can’t move the TV.

I got rid of a lot of my vinyl when I switched to buying CDs, but I still have 2500 or so in storage or on the shelves. The big problem is that every time we (the masses) switch mediums, we lose 85% or so of the music that has been recorded. So I am keeping my vinyl until I get them all converted into sound files.

Vinyl, I assume? Slightly above 1,000 at a guess. I’ve got around 600 sitting in my book case, and a few hundred more at my brother’s place.

I have well over a hundred on vinyl (I don’t know the exact number) and maybe half as many on CD. Plus I have about 30 I’ve purchased as downloads.

Mine have been carefully stored vertically in a cabinet for over 20 years. I recently got a few that aren’t on cd down and started converting them to digital flacs.

I have in a box in the garage about 75 vinyl records. They have not been out of the box for about fifteen years probably more. Between the wife and myself we have around 400 CDs and maybe about 20 digital downloads of CDs. Maybe someday I will join the current era and buy only songs and make playlists but for now I just cue up albums.

No idea. I’ve never counted, but they fill twenty-two feet of tightly packed shelf space.

I got rid of all my vinyl years ago, except for three: two picture discs and an extremely rare prog rock record. All three are framed and hanging on my wall.

I know it’s not what’s being asked, but I’ve got more than 1400 CDs.