How many sci-fi shows have the "Hot lady" with the crazy strong pheromones meme?

It seems to be common among a lot of sci-fi shows. It features an attractive lady with pheromones (or some other voodoo) that makes male protagonist that are usually level headed fall prey to their libido. Willing to do what ever said lady wants no matter how nefarious.

So far I got:

STNG; (although the lady in this one wasn’t evil)
ST: Enterprise
Stargate SG-01

X-files??? Maybe

Star Trek TOS

Star Trek: The Motion Picture

Star Trek: DS9
Agents of Shield

X-Files had a pheromone guy

The Orville also had a pheromone dude.

I think Smallville did an episode with this trope.

Batman: “Poison Ivy”.


Not a show, but Spider Woman has them.

Legends of Tomorrow had Helen of Troy for a couple of episodes.

This is, quite literally, the plot of True Blood.

It’s cheating of course, but someone has to link to the relevant TV tropes page:

It does in fact list pretty much all the shows that have been named so far.

Angel had Jasmine in Season 4. The twist with her - it? - was that anyone who saw her or heard her voice, even over the television or radio, immediately started worshipping her as a god, with no ability to resist.

Supernatural did. Season 4, Sex and Violence.

The silver Space Lady thought Dr. Smith was ‘sooo prettty’ on ‘Lost in Space’. (I think she was silver…she might have been green?). I remember seeing it originally when I was 11 or 12, and even then, I thought ‘she’s barking up the wrong tree!’, lol.

She was silver on my TV set, but then, our TV was black and white in those years. I’m told that the later seasons of Lost in Space was in wild, vivid, late-60’s colors, the sort that makes you suspect someone was using recreational pharmaceuticals at least some of the time, but it was lost on me.

(It wasn’t just the colors that made me think several late-60’s TV shows involved drugs, lots of drugs. For example, the entire plot of “The Great Vegetable Rebellion” episode from Lost in Space - don’t get me started on H.R. Puffenstuff…)

ST:TNG had the opposite…




(Dr. Pulaski)

The Orville had this but it wasn’t a woman. It was Rob Lowe.