How many SDMB games are you participating in?

Currently, I am participating in three games (and running/administering all three).

The first one is one of the SDMB Fantasy Baseball Leagues. We are currently in our second season (third, if you want to count our first year where we weren’t a “keeper” league). I finished in the second half last year and seem to be headed there again this year. Our off-season site (with the league constituion) is located here.

The second is the Unofficial SDMB Out of the Park Baseball League. We are finishing our second season. The first season’s crown (The highly coveted “Cecil Cup”) was won by the only non-Doper in the league. We will be expanding from eight teams to twelve at the conclusion of the season. My team (the Brooklyn Wolves) finished last in the Adams division last year and is currently in second place as we head toward the end of the season.

The third is the newly started StraightDopeANomic game. We have finishing up the sixth turn in the first round. With unanimous consent required to get a resolution passed it’s been tough (only one of the first six passed), but we’re making progress. You can follow the progress and deliberations in the Nomic thread.

So, what SDMB games are you involved in? Please provide links…

Zev Steinhardt

3 different fantasy football leagues. 1 is the normal pick the player and get points based off of what they do league. The other 2 are weekly pick 'em contests.

I can probably say a 4th as I will be one of the 4 expansion teams in the OOTP baseball league.

What, no one else? I know that there are several Diplomacy games going on…

Zev Steinhardt

I’m in Zev’s OOTP baseball league and currently demonstrating that knowing a lot about baseball doesn’t necessarily translate.

I’ve been in many Diplomacy games but none of the current ones. I am currently RUNNING a Diplomacy game with several Dopers in it…but it’s not exclusive to the dope.

Well, I’m in a Dip game.

Used to be in the Nomic game, but it was taking valuable time away from Dipping. :slight_smile: