How Many Shirts Does Chuck Knoblauch Chuck?

About how many uniform pieces does a major league baseball player need to get through the season? How many jerseys, hats, pairs of pants will he use?

(Let’s assume that our ballplayer is a starting-lineup kind of guy–playing virtually every day.)

Who does the laundry? Who is in charge of issuing the uniforms? Is there a team tailor who alters items as needed?

When they go on road trips, do they pack their own uniforms and equipment? If not, who does?

I don’t know how many uniforms they go through, but major leaguers certainly don’t have to pack their own equipment. I believe that’s the equipment manager’s job.

There is a team tailor, but I’m not sure if it’s the same guy as the equipment manager. Especially in baseball, you’ll have so many changes–new players called up from the minors, trades, etc.–that you have to have a guy to make sure that the new guy has his stuff ready when he arrives.

If your Craig Biggio, you only need one batting helmet. By the end of the year, that thing is sprouting new life forms by the hour.

And, yes, I know the difference between your and you’re. I just chose to screw it up and not preview. For shame, Mully, for shame!.

Or you could be Jeff Bagwell and be either unable to locate your trousers or you’ve given the tailor information that you’re 6" taller than you actually are. He’s got about 6" of trouser-leg draped over each shoe since they’re so long.

I see what part of the problem may be. Yahoo lists him at 6’0". I’ve seen pictures of him next to a friend of mine who is only 5’10" and they’re the same height.