How many times a week do you guys eat spaghetti?

obfusciatrist posted my answer for me. Thanks! :smiley:

I moved into my current place around the first of the year and I think I’ve made actual spaghetti maybe four or five times? But I’ve made other pastas other times and I eat Trader Joe’s frozen pastas several times most weeks.

Spaghetti - 4 times a year.
Pasta - .75 times a week.

Haven’t eaten spaghetti or any pasta at my place for 2 yrs or so. Probably had it out eating a few times. Rice has taken over completely, although it was always there.

Haven’t had any pasta of any kind in over two years, since my blood tests came back as pre-diabetic. Cut way back on all carbohydrates.

Once I understood the basic diff between complex and simple carbs, I stopped eating white pasta.

Basically junk, little in it of nutritional value.

Whole wheat pasta is good.

Low carb.

Nutriotionally, is whole wheat pasta really that much better? I’ve had both, and looking at the packaging, the difference seems to be negligible. If I’m going to eat pasta, I might as well eat pasta I like, and whole wheat ain’t it.

I agree, whole wheat pasta isn’t great. I guess I’m just fed up with eating processed shit, whether white bread, white pasta … so much processed junk, all contributing to poor diet and weight gain.

Probably got a bee in my bonnet about the lies perpetrated by the food industry as well. What they have got away with for the past 20-30 years is criminal.

Once or twice a month, but it is always linguini.

We eat some sort of pasta between once a week and once every other week.

Winter time, every other week. Summer rarely. I just don’t like cooking in the summer.

I eat a lot of rabbit food in the Summer. Salads etc.

Two or three times a week. I know I shouldn’t have any due to the carbs, but the Princess loves it so I make it for her and me. My dad lives with us and is diabetic, so I try to come up with something else for him to eat on nights when the Princess and I have pasta.

Maybe every month or two, but when I do, it’s two meals within about a week, so I can use up the jar of sauce. And I never add hamburger meat to spaghetti sauce-- If I’m going to add any meat, it’ll be some sort of sausage, but really, it does just fine without it.

We rarely eat pasta of any sort, and my husband doesn’t like to eat spaghetti, so we have it one every couple of years or so. Usually when I use spaghetti noodles it’s with a garlic and butter or peanut sauce, but even that is rare.

My dad loved spaghetti and wanted it once or twice a week. I got so burned out eating that stuff as a kid.

I eat it now once a year at most. A nod to my dad and childhood.

I guess once every two months.

This. Although I don’t see what’s wrong with hamburger/ground beef (especially since sausage is processed).

Mostly, it’s just that sausage has other flavors that I think complement spaghetti better. That, and I’m trying to cut down on beef in general, because it has too much iron for me.

Although, as I said, I usually don’t bother adding any sort of meat.

I"ve been waiting for this thread! I eat spaghetti for lunch every single day. I am single, and a box of spaghetti goes a long way. I cook a big batch ( is there any other kind? ) of sauce, cook a box of noodles, and divide the noodles up. 5 tupperwares of noodles with parmesan cheese, added garlic powder and oregeno get frozen. ( so they won’t absorb the sauce ) then they are all topped with sauce, and when I head off to work I grab one.
So to answer your question, 5 days a week, at the very least.