How many unassisted pull-ups and dips can you do?

Subject says it all. Oh, in a single set BTW.

Overhand military style pull-ups. Straight bar, not curved.

Please state age, and (if you like) weight. Also, say whether or not your current number is better or worse than it was, say, 5 years ago. Also say if you feel you are physically fit or not.

I can do 14 pull-ups and 25-35 dips un-weighted (in a single set, maybe more now though as I tend to do 4 sets of 15 w/25lb weight strapped on). 33yr old male.


(FWIW I feel pull-ups should be a part of any sort of physical fitness test. Not a huge number but a physically fit male should be able to do at least 3 unassisted pullups) IMHO.)

54, male.

20 pull-ups, strict. Dips, I can usually do 25. I weight about 197.

I can actually do more pull-ups than 5 years ago. I have been working on it.


Wow thats pretty good. 20 pull-ups at 200lbs is pretty strong. Good for you.

Do you think pull-ups should be a part of a physical fitness assessment (for careers that have them, cops, military, fire etc…)?

I can’t do any and never have, though currently I weigh ~300lbs (and losing!) so it’s not surprising I can’t pick that much up. It’s actually one of my goals to lose enough weight/build enough muscle to be able to finally do a pull-up. It used to be part of fitness tests at school and even as a skinny kid I couldn’t do them.

None. I don’t like pull-ups.

Once I graduated to big-boy underpants, I never looked back.

29 year old male that can do about 15 pull ups.
Whats a dip?

15-20 dips at least and only like 12 pullups. Unfortunately, my wrists aren’t healthy, so I can’t push or pull on them for too long. So I suck at pullups. With the dips, I can turn my hands in such a way that it doesn’t hurt much.

None and none! Female, 29. But I’m working on it!

My husband is a Fire Fighter and chin ups are part of their annual physical (as they should be), which he just had yesterday. I seem to recall that he did 14, which is low for him, but he recently had surgery on his shoulder (reconstructed the cup) so his ROM is a bit off and it’s sometimes painful to do chin ups. No idea about his dips.

I can do a few dozen dips pretty easily. Maybe half a dozen pull-ups like that? I have always preferred the underhand grip.

25, male, 152lbs as of this afternoon. I am not super buff or anything, but I am well above average for fitness in my demographic at the moment.

None. Female, 23, about 130 lbs. I have zero muscle strength, though this is something I’m looking to work on.

Male, 50. 195, but losing, down 15 pounds in the last few months and working on both strength and diet.

Anywhere from 10-12 pull ups, and usually can manage 25 strict dips.

Much better on both counts than five years ago.

I can do two pull-ups in a row from a dead-hang. I am female, 24 and 100 lbs. I am pretty fit and have good core and leg strenth for my size (spindly) but typical for a pear-shaped girl my upper-body strength lags, plus I get wrist and shoulder issues if I overdo it. I also don’t do enough exercises that would strengthen the muscles needed for pull-ups. Should get on that. A couple years ago I couldn’t do one pull-up if my life depended on it.

That’s easy… none!
42 year old female.

Is a dip a push-up? That’s all I can think of, yet I have never heard it called that.

But to answer, I’d say 2 pull-ups, maybe 3, and 20-30 “dips” (I think?)

I’m 27, male, and out of shape, but still an average physique, so I’m just guessing based on how many I could do that last time I was in shape (like 6 years ago, when I could so 8 or 9 pull ups and over 50 push-ups…assuming that is what a dip is.)

33-year-old male, I can do like 6 pull-ups, and I don’t do dips so I don’t know.

BUT: I do pull-ups using bars that are like dip bars but higher (i.e., so there are two bars that jut out and that I grab onto). I also do them all the way down (i.e., straight arms, hanging) to all the way up (i.e, the little jutty-out bar things touch my shoulders).

Are the kinds of pull-ups I do easier or harder than the straight-bar kind? Using a straight bar just makes my arms feel like they are twisted up strangely. I’ll do some straight-bar pull-ups and dips tomorrow just to see what’s what.

Imagine the parallel bars that male gymnasts use. Now imagine holding on to one bar with one hand and another bar with the other, with your arms straight and your body hanging in the middle. Now bend your elbows (whereupon your body dips down between the bars), and then straighten your elbows again. That’s a dip.

Probably none, but I haven’t tried in around 20 years; 36 yr old male, at 16 I could do 1 1/2. My upper body strength has increased since then but then again so has my weight :slight_smile: I can do 30+ full pushups, though.

The pullups you describe are much easier. They primarily work your biceps whereas the regular military pullup works your upper back more.

Female, 26 and 126lb. I can just about get one pull-up from a dead hang, with a tiny cheating wriggle in the middle. With the chin-up grip I can bust out two. I haven’t done dips in awhile, and the ones I used to do were (highly!) assisted, so I’m going to take a wild guess and say I can’t do any. 5 years ago I could hardly do a girl push-up - I currently have a 70% BW bench/110% BW deadlift/105% BW squat, so I’m a lot stronger and fitter than I used to be.

My 27 year old 172lb husband used to do about 30 pull-ups in a row but now he does them with a 45lb weight - I think he can do 8 in a row. He hasn’t done unweighted tricep dips in awhile but he can do about 10 with a 35lb weight. He said he used to assume that all men and women were capable of doing pull-ups, dips and push-ups, and for a long time he just thought I was a tiny weakling.

Zero, male, 62 and 230. I can pull up my pants and dip into the peanut butter, however.