How Many USSS Bodyguards?

Let’s take off our boots and do some math. At present, the United States Secret Service provides protection details for:

The president
The vice-president
and familes.

That is to say six full-size details plus some extras for slack and other minor dignitaries.

Not counting non-bodyguard Secret Service men, they must have well over 600 on bodyguard duty. (figure over 100 for the President, a few less for everyone else).

Does anyone know the actual number?

Bill and Hillary Clinton still have Secret Service protection. Former Presidents and their families get if for ten years after leaving office.

Wikipedia lists 4,400 sworn members

Yes, but some of those are overhead and others ave non-bodyguard functions.

You’re right, I didn’t see the part where you mentioned “Not counting non-bodyguard Secret Service men” :smack: I imagine the 4400 figure is useful as an upper bound, at least.

DOes someone get the not-quite-good-enough detail?

No, but as posted in another thread, candidate protection had cost $100 million as of two weeks ago., per radio news blurb.