How many Wildebeest herds are there ?

Essentially this, are there lots of small herds of these guys running round Africa or just one big gang of them ?
I’ve just been watching the BBC’s Big Cat Diary - they mention that the Wildebeest migration is going through the Masai Mara reserve before “moving back to the Serengeti”. I also remember a documentary from a few years ago called “Superherd” which seemed to suggest that all the Wildebeest migrate en masse. Am I understanding correctly ? There really is just one big herd constantly on the move ?

The Serengeti has a particularly large herd, but it’s not the only one. Wiki has some information about wildebeest range.

OK, thanks - I didn’t really think it could be just the one “superherd” - your comment about the Serengeti put me onto this site which has given me a clearer view.

The African savannahs are not dissimilar to open source progrm technology. Most of the time, GNU units move freely across the Creative Commons in small clusters. But when it comes time for a mass migration, they are compressed together for efficiency and security. :slight_smile:

Cool !