How many women here fill up their own tires with air?

No judgement if you don’t, I’m just curious because I did so today. Well, I have a gauge that tells me when they are low (but doesn’t tell me which tire) so that helps a lot. I took the car to the station, put gas in, checked the air, and then filled up the tires that needed them. I also washed my windows with the squeegee the way my dad taught me. Normally at this point I’d check the dipstick too, but with the new electronics in the car I no longer need to - it just tells me. Oil: 70%. Awesome.

While I was doing so, apparently it makes you look competent or something, because two people approached me for directions (ok, so I was able to give them correct and concise directions both times), and a third person (a woman) commented:

“Oh, you do that yourself? That’s marvelous! I could never do that.”

Really? Hence the thread, I guess. Also just curiosity.

I try to avoid it because I’m mildly phobic about the whole exploding tire thing, but I did do it regularly when I was living on my own.

It would never have occurred to me that checking tire pressure was some arcane art until a couple months ago when I was in Michigan, I stopped by a gas station and asked the woman behind the counter if they sold tire pressure gauges, and she said “I’m sorry, I don’t know what that is.” I mean, this is the employee of a gas station. I tried to politely explain it to her, but then I just excused myself to browse the automotive knickknacks section of the station. Turns out, they did not sell tire pressure gauges. Glass bongs, pipes, and other drug paraphernalia, I mean, “tobacco” paraphernalia, yes. Tire pressure gauges, no.

What’s the whole “exploding tire thing”?

Sure. I add air, check oil, (occasionally) check air filter. With my farm and lawn tractors, I also jump start when needed, bleed fuel lines, add gas to the carburetor to get it started after a long sit, change oil, change fuel filter and lube chassis with a grease gun.

ETA: My car is 15 years old and has 210K miles on it. I have to do those things.


Of course. I’m a single woman- it’s not like I have a butler or something to do these things for me. And I hate doing it. I hate getting out there on my knees on the hot asphalt and going through all that. But I do it. Except for the times that I occasionally remember that any tire shop will let you pull right up and they’ll do it all for you, for free, and then I do that. But usually I do it myself, especially if it seems like a possible emergency.

Tip that I just learned: If your car works like mine, it doesn’t give any indication of oil level; that number is just predicted oil life based upon the vehicle’s operating conditions. I didn’t realize that and was running my car low enough that there wasn’t any oil showing on the dipstick.

Edit: Needed an :eek:

Ok, thanks for the notice; I’ll make it a point to check it. I never had a car that did this before. :slight_smile:

I can and I have (last time maybe 4 months ago?) but not good at remembering this needs to be done. I figure they’re probably fine because all tires were replaced about 2 months ago, but thanks for mentioning it, I’ll go check!

I used to when I was single, but now my husband takes care of it. I can do basic stuff like check and top off fluid levels, change tires, replace light bulbs, air filters and other visible parts.

If it requires any heavy lifting or fiddling with computerized components, I don’t even attempt it.

If you somehow kept adding air and didn’t detach the air house, I would think the tire would go BOOM at some point.

My problem is it’s getting harder and harder to find stations that have air hoses. I should just buy an air compressor but a decent one is rather expensive.

Yes, I do. I can also change tires, change the oil and check all the various stuff.

That said, just because I can do things like change the oil doesn’t mean I do - I finally looked at how long it takes me, and how long it takes them at the mechanic up the road. Then I decided that even paying them it was a better choice to take it there. Plus I really like my small little local mechanic shop. :slight_smile:

Yeah, no, I don’t change my oil either. I refuse to. It’s what I earn money for, so I can have someone else do it.

I’ve filled my tires with air. I’ve also changed my own tires and wiper blades, replaced headlights and tail lights and refilled washer fluid. Beyond that, my philosophy is “The best tool for the job is a checkbook.” :smiley: I’ve got a great mechanic and I get no pleasure from working on my car myself, so I give Paul the keys and find other ways of amusing myself while he and his guys deal with my vehicles.

Speaking of which - the truck needs an oil change - I need to call Paul.

We bought one at Autozone a few years ago for about $150 and it’s worked quite well. It’s a combination air compressor, battery jumper and emergency generator. It’s come in handy when the electricity was off. Nice for bikes too.

I can, but I only recently learned it. My husband was teaching my daughter, so my son and I learned it too. Husband starts up the air compressor, though!

It’s been a while since my car’s message center has told me that tire pressure was low, but for a while, one tire apparently had a slow leak, so it was a frequent occurrence. And since my husband has COPD, bending down to check tire pressure causes him breathing difficulties so I do it. But it all works out. He’s retired and I still work, so he takes my car in for oil changes while I’m at work.

Well, I’m a woman. I’ve never owned a car or even had a driver’s license, but I have checked tire pressure, topped off the air in a tire, changed a tire, checked oil levels and other fluid levels, topped off oil, washer fluid, antifreeze, etc. When the folks who give you rides have iffy vehicles, you learn to do this stuff while they pump the gas, so you can get where you’re going. :smiley: Funny, I can’t recall ever pumping gas though.

I always pump my own tyres, always…

I ride a bicycle though as I don’t drive.

It’s my overactive imagination, mostly. I didn’t much like balloons when I was a kid, either.