How may I play old Mac games on my PC?

I recently stumbled across a large uploaded archive of “world builder” games. These were text-and-still-image-based role playing games for Macintosh from the early 90s, I believe; some examples include Another Fine Mess, Swamp Witch, Zoony, Enchanted Scepters and Karth of the Jungle. These were very fine games despite their primitiveness and offered hours and hours of fun.

Unfortunately I do not have access to a macintosh, only PCs. I’m running Windows XP and have an older laptop with Win-98. I want to emulate Mac-OS to play these games; I want a downloadable, preferably free emulator I can use. I want advice from all. Thanks.


Google doesn’t work on my computer due to a trojan or the work of some insane wizard; despite my best efforts and high-quality trojan-removal software it can’t be corrected. Just give it to me straight, bartender.

I’ve used basiliskII under Linux before with some pretty good results. The biggest problem is you need an image of the Mac ROM for it to work. I was able to do it the legal way because I owned a few old macs at the time. Anyway there’s a Windows version of it here

Here’s a site w/several emulators:
You’ll likely need a copy of a Mac OS, Apple has older software for free:, scroll down about halfway and look for “System Software Downloads”

I’d like to try out PearPC myself, but my PC is (still) broken, besides, I can’t find it (how do you lose a big beige box in a 2 bedroom apt.? :confused:

P.S. Check out Jag’s House for classic Mac stuff: