How messy is ceiling texturing and electrical work?

I’m trying to arrange for a messload of repairs to my apartment but until recently was trying to get them done in a certain order. Specifically, the ceiling electrical work needed to be done before the ceiling texturing, for obvious reasons, but also I wanted the texturing done before the new carpet in case those two items of work would mess up the carpet.

But are they generally messy on a carpet? I know electrical work shouldn’t be (unless it involves a lot of drywall cutting, but even then, right?) Is ceiling texturing generally pretty messy on a carpet? Does it depend on the texturing style I pick?

I’m sorry, I can’t quite see the question your asking … there’s a giant tarp in the way. Why don’t you put it on this dropcloth and rephrase?

Wait for the work to be done before putting in the new carpet.

What he said. Carpet last.

It also depends on how many time you plan on putting an appendage (or more) through the sheetrock when you slip on a joist while in the attic. Just saying.

Hint: try to aim for where you want a light anyway.

That ceiling texture gets EVERYwhere. Do the carpet last.

Make sure they sweep the floor before installation.

Another one agreeing that texture is very messy.

If your electricians are careful, you shouldn’t have to worry about too much mess from them – maybe a hole or two cut in your ceiling and a quick patch after that. But your garden variety ceiling texture is a mixture of the texture itself, glue, and often a little paint as well. When sprayed on the ceiling, you can safely expect 10-20% of the product to wind up on the floor. So unless you have the walls and floor airtight with poly, you are going to get some crud somewhere. Some textured surfaces, like knock-down texture or spanish stucco, can be less messy, but you can still reasoably expect to have some clean up at the end.

If you can wait before installing the carpet, do so.

Or just don’t do ceiling texture! Seriously, it looks tacky.