how money are jane's addiction?

i mean c’mon, top five band of all time? i think so.

that said.

can anyone reccomend a brit pop newsgrp. for me? I can’t find a good one

this thread is sooo MPSIM. move it w/ my apologies

laughs hysterically

You are joking, right?

Janes Addiction is so far into Has-been status it isn’t even funny.

They don’t even make the Top 200.

apologies, WSLer, I was under the impression that I could bring up bands, TV, Pop- culture fluff, etc. in this thread.

thank heavens you’re here to alert the rest of us morons to what’s Hot and What’s Not. Has “Us” been directed to your hip-defining acumen? B/c if not, they’re surely minus a valuable contributor.

JA are a great band. period. save your baseless criticisims for a more deserving group.

That you still use the word “money” as an adjective is enough of an indictment of your cultural literacy for me (I thought it’d finally died out at least a couple years ago… with the disappointing exception of one of my favorite sports radio shows, the hosts of which are apparently trapped in 1997, slang-wise). But since you ask, Jane’s Addiction was much more derivative than defining in its music. There was never a staying power, or staying influence. And if it wasn’t for the emergence of a steel drum version of “Jane Says” a few years back, they’d never even get radio airplay any more. But admittedly (and obviously) airplay isn’t the indicator of great music (otherwise we’d hear much more Fugazi, the Roots, etc., etc.); JA’s music, although for the most part good, doesn’t merit a mention in even a Top 100 list.

If I might ask, why do you think they’re so great?

This may be IMHO, but I think Jane’s Addiction did a lot for “alternative” music, at least in my town. The only decent rock radio station in town started playing JA when “Been Caught Stealing” was first released. You have to keep in mind that at the time, this station also played a lot of “hair metal” bands and a lot of stuff that has now been delegated to the classic rock station in town. Granted, it wasn’t Jane’s Addiction’s first work, nor was it their best, but it made “alternative” music easier for mainstream radio stations to play.

Of course, now said radio station has been bought out by a commercial radio company, but I don’t think there would be a lot of the bands on there today if it hadn’t been for a little “radio-friendly” Jane’s Addiction.

Jane’s Addiction fan since 1991

Skerri, I think JA is one of the few bands who’s best-known work us among their worst.

jane says: shite. (I HATE the steel drum)

Been caught stealin’: oy. ok. the version on kettle whistle is good, but the original blows.

summertime rolls makes me want to drop to my knees and thank god for my damn ears.

peepthis, we can grapple w/each other 's self-importance until wednesday. I use an adjective that is out of favor w/ the tragically hip of Oxford, while you use a conjunction that that never existed in the first place (it’d). How about we call it a tie
and move on?

I love the argument that music is simple. or unppealing, or crude b/c it’s derivative. What ISN’T derivative? F*ck Coltraine, he’s derivartive, I prefer australopithicus rapping on a tortoise shell with a bone.


Jane’s Addiction is great b/c they were amazing live, they sound(ed) like nothing that came before them and because they played with an incredible sence of purpose and urgency. those are all subjective, but hey, you asked.

as it happens I was (am) listen to Nothings Shocking as I started this thread and thought, “maybe somone can direct me to a good brit pop thread”

that would have been so money.

“Summertime Rolls” is one of my all-time favorite songs. “Three Days” also. I saw them last September (lord, has it been that long ago?) and it was an amazing experience. What’s more sad is that the only time I saw them before that was the first Lollapalooza.

krazy kat, you just have to understand that no one would ever be able to completely agree with anyone else about a “Top 100 Bands of All Time” list. I, on the other hand, would probably put Jane’s Addiction in my top 20 of all time.

And I, on the other hand, won’t put them in a list of my top 1000 bands. For all the years they’ve been around, I have heard exactly two songs by them " een Caught Stealing" and " Jane Says" and only one of which I remotely like (the latter) which I think would have been more appealing sung by someone else. But I do like Porno for Pyros to a larger extent, go figure.

In my opinion, Jane’s Addiction lost all credibility once they started doing videos. Their first record and “Nothing Shocking” were quite good. I saw them in a club back then and they were great but they quickly lost their edge once they started appealing to the masses. That and “Lollapalooza”.

Gimme “The Mountain Song”! Now THAT was great.

exactly, just as I said, their 2 best known songs are their worst. if I were you, I’d give them another chance, both of their albums are terrific.

But I’ll choose today to let you know “it’d” is indeed a contraction, and has even existed (in the first place!) since at least 1859 (by Merriam-Webster’s reckoning, anyway). Also, I’m an American who – despite my current location indicator and any Brit slang that may have seeped into my vocab in the past year – is East Coast born & raised. And it was my understanding that “money” left the verbal repertoire of anyone who’d (wow, another contraction!;)) moved past the 1990s. But maybe it’s a regional thing or an age thing (I’m from DC, aged 24), so your point is well taken on whether it’s still in use in a town near you.

And Elfkin, you’d do well to listen to some JA tunes other than their big two. I never said they’re irrelevant, just not worthy of “great band” status. For alternative music, I’d be more inclined to point to the Smiths, Violent Femmes, or maybe even James.

krazy kat:

Minor nitpick: They had three albums out before Kettle Whistle. The first one (self-titled) was released on XXX Records, and I believe is currently out of print.

They also had singles released on various compilation cds.

Here’s a link to a discography.

Sorry, but I think I’ll pass. Judging by those bands you list, all of which I’m familiar with yet do not like more than a song by each, I think we have different tastes in music, so it’s not likely that subjecting myself to any more JA songs will change my mind on the band.

Sorry, I wasn’t being clear: only the first sentence of that paragraph was directed to you; the rest re: alternative music bands were to krazy kat, suggesting bands that I would rank above JA. If alternative isn’t your thing, hearing more of it likely won’t change your mind.

I think they lost all credibility when they started dating Connie Chung.


never mind.

No, that was me. I lost all credibility when I started dating Connie Chung. But man, what a way to go.
I personally never much cared for Jane’s Addiction myself. They were too psychedelic and rambly for me. I always though “Been Caught Stealing” was a swell tune, though.

Jane’s Addiction not money at all.

Dollars are money; Jane’s Addiction are band. Money is medium of ecnomic exchange; band is group of musicians – totally different things.

Hope that clears it up for you.

Elfkin, you really can’t judge Jane’s Addiction by those two songs. Try listening to “Summertime Rolls,” “Three Days” or “Ocean Size” they are all much much better songs.

I’ve never understood the popularity of “Been Caught Stealing” I really think it is their worst song, with the possible exception of “Of Course.”

Dey so much money, dey buttah!