How much are attitudes about Palin influenced by her accent?

Is there a legitimate cite for this stuff? It doesn’t sound real to me.

there is a big difference in the way she says things that are prepared and in a speech. and in how she speaks when she is trying to answer a question she is not sure of.

it then goes up a few notches when she thinks she is being witty or sarcastic.

i don’t even want to image where things go when she is angry and screaming at the top of her lungs at todd and the kids.

I don’t really watch TV so my opinion that she is a moron was mostly formed by reading what she said.

Is snopes an illegitimate cite in your opinion?

Not being snarky, but I am under the impression that snopes is reliable.

As much as I don’t like Palin, I agree I would need a substantial cite for all of those quotes. And just some general message board post (even if it’s hosted on snopes) is not a cite.

I don’t tend to pick up on tone of voice or other nonverbal cues. I also didn’t watch a lot of Sarah Palin on TV. I didn’t notice much about her voice or accent, other than the "you betcha"s. She still came across to me as not very bright and willfully ignorant to a frightening degree.

Awwww, I like your meezer! Please give him a treat from me, or ear, chin, or tail scritches (whichever he likes best).

I honestly think I’ve heard maybe 15 seconds of her voice, ever, so my disgust and loathing of her is based solely on the fact that she worships mediocrity as a value and demonizes those who disagree with her.

I admit that there is a point where someone’s accent will make me question their intelligence. Sarah Palin’s accent didn’t come close to making me question her intelligence though thoughts certainly did.

Snopes is very reliable. But you didn’t link to a Snopes report, you linked to a message board post.

Snopes itself has no report concerning those quotes. They’re obviously false; there is no reference connecting Palin to them through any Google search I do, and anyway, if Palin had said any of those things the Democrats would have been quoting her every single night.

I think people will form an initial impression based on an accent but that will eventually be replaced by a more individual impression with exposure. John F. Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, Jimmy Carter, and Bill Clinton all had accents outside of the mainstream but people came to see them as individuals not as stereotypes.

I have no problem with her accent. If you can speak intelligently and have a thick regional accent, like, say, Dr. Red Duke, it’s charming. If she was saying things I agreed with, or even intelligently thought out things I disagreed with, I would find her accent engaging and endearing.

The Palin quotes from Barn Owl are taken from a Snopes discussion forum call “Questionable Quotes.” My impression is that the Snopes folk put up those quotes to get input from their members on whether any of them could be confirmed or disproved.

The actual authorized Snopes page on Sarah Palin is here.

I’m one of the few guys I know who’s actually hot for Minnesota accents, and Palin’s is very close, but hearing her talk makes me want to claw my eyes out. It’s more about the cadence and timbre of her speech than her accent. And you can just tell when she opens her mouth that something idiotic that’s supposed to come out as folksy but actually sounds condescending is going to fall out of it. I agree with Ca3799 that she overthinks it sometimes and it ends up sounding awkward and forced. Other times, she just lets the evil/stupid fly at high speeds from her brain to her mouth and it leaves you gaping.

:confused: What strikes you as inauthentic about him?

Well he has constantly lied about his Muslim heritage. Oh, and he’s not an authentic American citizen. :dubious:

An article on** Salon** in which the ever-charming Camille Paglia weighs in on Obama and Palin.

Parts of this will make you laff so hard people might stare, so be careful where you read it. Particularly when Ms. Paglia swoons over Sarah’s “be-bop saxophonist” way of talking . . . .

But you gotta read it to believe it.

And, while she sorta praises Obama, most of what she says is what you call backhanded compliments. A strange woman, you betcha.

Hulu is your friend–learn to love and revere the Hulu!

I made my poor SO cross his legs, grimace and flinch visibly when I asked him, during a news clip of Palin speechifyin’, how he’d like to hear that voice talkin’ dirty to him during sex. If there was ever anyone who needs a ball gag more than Sarah, I’ve never heard them.

Then you add the “stupid as a fried Popsicle” angle to the vocal unpleasantness and it gets really ugly.

It was not the accent, its what she chose to say with it. I have a strong affinity for nasal midwestern accents, and prior to Palin’s public debut, I would say things like “you betcha”. Its just part of the regional speech.

It’s the run-on-catch-all sentences that have no real content. She’s all talkin’ there about the republican party and all those hard-workin’ citizens and the true Americans and the plumbers and the great sacrifices that John S. McCain made and what a great American he is with the battle scars and the only man on the ballot that ever really served his country and the mavericky way he is and he reaches across the aisle there and always puts country first there and the wardrobe was purchased by the republican party and what kind of question is that “what do you read there in Alaska” and I thought “golly! you know I read the same stuff you all read in New York City there.”

She should be deemed a controlled substance. Like oxycontin. She’s an instant overdose.

Absolutely perfect.

Seconded. Also, her use of “there” sounds a bit strained, like McCain’s “my friends”.