A shout-out? from a VP candidate?

A shout-out? A Shout-out?

Goddammit. I hate My fellow Americans.


At one point during the debate last night Palin shouted out to her Dad and (maybe) some other members of her family. At the same time smiling and winking at the camera. It made me throw up in my mouth a little bit.

What a fucking embarassment that woman is.

Maybe next week Obama can send one out to all the ladies in the house.

McCain to pour one out for his dead homies.

I thought that she did OK when she was staying on-topic and discussing the issues. But yeah, when she showed any personality, egads, she came off like a cartoonish version of Jean Lundegaard. Kinda weird lookin’, ya know, in a sorta general way.

I’m sure the quote will be up on youtube shortly. She gave a Shout-out to a few people and a third grade class who is getting extra credit for watching the debate.

eta link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DWmFhwknGRgLINK

Is this the best you could come up with to dump on her? Why not just call her a “Poopy-head” and make fun of her stupid glasses?


Her performance was so ridiculously wretched that I can’t imagine how anyone with two functioning brain cells is buying it.

Really, it makes me sick.

“maverick maverick McCain maverick maverick”

I actually thought the nod to her brother’s third-grade class was kind of cute, even if it was transparent ploy to show how she’s “just like you” #1,594.

Folksy. It’s the new gravitas.

Hey, any excuse 4 da Haterz!

Since 1840.

The wolves were hungry at the prospect of the banquet last night. Unfortunately, nary a drop to satiate themselves. Apparantly still rummaging through the bones for the tiniest speck of meat. Sad, really.

At least she didn’t tug on her earlobe.


Actually, if she had pulled this AS V.P. I would have thought it entertaining. As a candidate in a serious debate that has been consistently run down for her lack of experience and decorum it struck me as: “Og help us all if this woman gets into office.” I’m no hater, I think that she and McCain are absolutely NOT what this country needs right now, and I have logical arguments to back my position. This kind of folksy crap though is beneath her as she showed some chops in that debate. So it’s either a transparent ploy, or she really IS that much of a nimrod.

Which is it?

Not sad, because she threw us enough meat-covered bones over the course of the 90 minutes to fill us for awhile.

It’s just that the idiotic folksy-ness of winking and the other bullshit was the barbecue sauce.

Palin is such a Poopy-head. And seriously…what is it with the glasses?
ETA: Oh! :smack: