Sarah Palin: just shut the fuck up, already.

Our dear $arah apparently got her knickers all in a twist over Cheney’s unkind (but accurate) comment about her being a poor choice for McCain’s VP. Her response was:

Bwuh? Could somebody translate or diagram that sentence for me? It appears she’s “evidently” learned a new word, but the only thing evident here is that this woman is fucking moron of the first order. “Lamestream media”? Really, Sarah? You’re still trotting out that tired old phrase like the tired old media whore that you and your family are? That the Foxtards are still using you just confirms that both they and you have nothing new to offer. Someone please just tie a pork chop around her neck and set her down in grizzly country.

I’ve never been able to understand a sentence she’s said.

Don’t feel bad…neither has she.

It means she’s a complete fucking retard.

She accused Darth Cheney of being too influenced by the media, for christs sake.

Why do you hate grizzlies?

I’m supposed to pick a side in this fight?

She *really *says “lamestream media” in normal discourse? She’s emotionally a child.


Is Dick never misfiring a sexual observation or what?

I’m guessing it’s a very clever reference to his hunting accident in 2006.

Sarah’s daddy is the only person who misfired in this sad saga.

That has got to be the 3rd or 4th time ever that something Palin said was termed “very clever.”

Ok then, I pick Palin in the cage match.

OK, so in the space of one sentence she has resorted to three childish references, calling Cheney “Dick” (Snicker), using misfires, because you know he shot someone once (snort), and then refers to the “lamestream media” (guffaw) for like the hundredth time.

I suspect if we put her in the same room as Justin Beiber we could get confirmation that she is a 13 year old girl.

I have a theory that the air is a lot thinner in Alaska, due to altitude and science and shit.

I liked the misfire pun. I forgive the rest of the comment just for that.

A verb, Governor Palin; we need a verb.

She don’t cotton to none of that education shit.

And another child

She has a point though: Dick Cheney is totally a puppet of the liberal media. It’s why he’s such a darling to them.