So what did happen to the clothes?

Who got the clothes? Where did they go? Is there a moose in Alsaka that’s looking totally hot right now?

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I ain’t herd* nothink, nu-uh, no way … so what did happen to them clotheses?

  • Spelling deliberate - I heard that Caribou like to follow the crowd, once one has a designer dress dey all want

Holy crap, welcome to four months ago. This wasn’t even news when it was news.

Dead issue up here. She does such amazingly stupid things in governing that we’ve all moved on from the mundane.

Answer: she lost, so nobody gives a fuck anymore. If she tries to run again, then it might matter. Until then, there are plenty more important things to give a shit about.

Last I heard, they were in garbage bags at the RNC HQ. That was in January.

Anyway, those dresses are so last season.

Sarah who?

I give a fuck because though she lost, she’s not out of the running. She was a snap decision by McCain and unprepared for the scrutiny and questioning – a few years from now, with plenty of time to catch up on the world beyond her boarders, pander to the stupid, and drape herself in much more refined right-wing marketing, she has a better shot of advancing in the political realm.

President Palin?

Secretary of State Palin?

Secretary of Defense Palin?

Senator Palin?

Justice Palin?

Dog catch Palin?

Egad, the list goes on.
So, why bring up something as shameful as an oh-so-familiar money grab (garb?), a piggish use of resources while one hand was shoved deep up the common plumber’s crack? Why bring up a post facto lie and attempt to cover up the shameful actions of a greedy pretender to public service?

So no one forgets what she is.

I get the feeling Rhythmdvl, that you like everyone in the McCain campaign, would be judged unfit to pray with.
I’m sorry if that sounds a little harsh, God love you, but that’s just the way it is.

We’re unable to do so. Since November she has:

*Decided to turn down some of the stimulus money destined for education and for special needs children.

*Appointed an ambulance chaser as the state Attorney General, who says he just can’t wait to streamline the courts. I’m sure the judges will be pleased no end to have the executive branch meddling in their courts.

*Appointed an inexperienced moderate Dem to replace a retiring Senator, over the suggestions by the Dems of an eminently qualified replacement. Spit in their eyes, anybody?

*After snubbing the Native community, where people are going hungry because heating oil is consuming every nickel, she horns in on a photo-op when Billy Graham’s brat shows up to deliver food to a village.

*Continues to whine about how poorly the press treated her and were out to get her.

I hate this stupid twat.

Yes, I’m sure your calm, rational assesment and fair, unbiased judgement led you to this… particular analysis.

While I hardly insist you like her, I also suggest you may be somewhat dishonest in your appraisal, where your personal tastes may be leading you astray. It would not be the first time, for either you or me or many other board members I could name.

Of course, while she was unprepared for the limelight, I also suspect she was the best of any Presidential or Veep candidate presented last . She hadn’t experienced national scrutiny before, or an immediately hostile press, and both mathematical analysis and opinion watching suggest she was a huge gain to a McCain’s limp campaign.

Meanwhile, back in the real world. The one where the two tickets weren’t Abbott and Costello and Darth Vadar and Consort.

I love the photo in that article. Joe Biden looks like he’s about to pull the “you’ve got something on your shirt” trick with Sarah Palin.

What mathematical analysis? She solidifed the base, but simultaneously cost the GOP all hope of winning among independents.

Also known as “Democrat Luggage.”

Shhh!!! Please, everyone… stay back… I’ve heard legends of these creatures’ existence, but to actually encounter one in nature? I don’t want to spook him…

It gets better. This morning’s paper reveals that the person she has selected to fill the vacant seat was, up until two weeks ago…wait for it…a Republican! Well, isn’t that just special? In a state riddled with ethics problems, Sarah engineers what I’m sure she thought was a fool-proof scheme to plant an opportunistic hack in the Senate. The backlash should be interesting to watch.

No, I’m not calm and rational about this potential threat to our country. She’s a snake-oil salesman with a particularly virulent brand of poison. Palin anywhere near the presidency is not an acceptable scenario. She shoots from the hip without putting any thought into the consequences of her actions, acts on impulse, and has no regard for intellectual discourse.

I disagree with your assessment of an “immediately hostile press.” They afforded her every courtesy and opportunity to express herself rationally and intelligently. She failed miserably, then ducked all other attempts to have her clarify her stand on issues, or even to answer the simplest of questions.

Seems to have worked out pretty well for the last 8 years. I mean, the sky hasn’t fallen on our heads or anything.

No, I meant it literally. Here is the original story.

So, she put a nominal Democrat in office. Oh darn. The shockingness shocks me. She’s a pragmatist, but I never for a minute called her unpartisan. That said, while I am not Alaskan, her record on policy is quite clear, and greatly in her favor. The fact that you don’t like her policy doesn’t mean she’s a monster.

That’s simply untrue. On day 1, she was a little unprepared (I would say, shocked, because apparently it was pretty last-minute). The press was a little stunned, too, and not hostile.

That rapidly changed. Bt the time the week was out, they were digging and digging and digging, and frankly just plain made up stories whole cloth to try and smear her. And it was a smear job of legendary proportions. Every starry-eyed hack was trying to dig up real dirt, and they had shockingly large news teams literally taking her garbage (at least metaphorically, and according to rumor, literally). She did flunk the Couric interview, but she also got much better in every subsequent appearance, and actually dealt with hard issues to the extent anyone did in that campaign.*

And, they failed. Everyone last story fell apart. Aside from having bad taste (a lot of it) I can see no particular flaw. I am not shocked she’s a politician, or that she’s acts like one.

*Although I would probably vote for her over the competition, I recognize it was small competition. Obama, McCain, Biden… let’s jsut say I’d prefer it if all three were far, far away from the Oval Office. Oddly, I’d vote for a Hillary Clinton/Sarah Palin

You’ll have to define “pretty well”, “sky”, “heads”, and particularly “anything” more clearly, methinks.