So what did happen to the clothes?

The cooling breeze from your wild swings at the ball are refreshing.

I mean the 8 years of Republican administration have gone swimmingly. Don’t you think so?

You realize that ChefGuy’s opinions probably have nothing to do with the presidential race, right? Check his location.

Announced by McCain on Aug 29, 2008. Sat w/ Gibson on Sep 11, then Couric on Sep 24. At the height of the campaign … that counts as hiding. * My Pet Goat* leadership. It was both pathetic and hilarious to witness. As is your continued defense of her.

I can agree with you that the press was kinda digging around trying to find out who she was… We all wanted to know who this ‘wild card’ was. She, and/or the McCain-Palin team, compounded the problem by keeping her isolated from the press for what, 3 plus weeks?

You may recall that there was a pretty important election coming up in only a few weeks and the people **really, really[b/] wanted to decide for whom they were going to vote. Keeping her isolated made the whole country anxious. We wanted, needed, to know who she was.

When she finally made her major debut, even you admit she flunked. That’s when she got “smeared” and she has noone but herself to blame for that- not McCain, not the press, not Couric, and not me. She was uninformed and unprepared ala “I’ll get back to ya on that!” Sure, she did a little better is subsequent interviews, but not well enough.

And not ‘every last story fell apart’. She was indeed an abstinance-only kinda gal with a knocked-up teenage daughter. She was indeed found guilty of abuse of power. She showed she was not a ‘regular soccer mom’ when she went hog-wild misusing campaign funds and she was only really good at implying things like “palling around with terrorists” and divining who was a “real” American.

And they said Hilary was divisive. Wow.

Does she have to appoint a Dem? If she were the governor of Georgia she wouldn’t. My first thought was, “Consider yourself lucky - make that damn lucky - that the Dems are keeping the seat in the Senate.” When Coverdale (R) died in office several years back, Roy Barnes appointed a Democrat to take his place.

However, things may be different in Alaska.

Is there any news on the actual question? Or is ‘in garbage bags at the RNC headquarters’ still the best known answer?

Looks like she has to appoint a Dem by law (which is a very good law, btw.)

Wait, what Alaska senator is retiring? I haven’t heard this at all.

I care about this because promises were made, and we shouldn’t let it slide just because “she lost”.

There is quite obviously still support for her, which is fine, if you are informed and want to support her I couldn’t give two craps - but nobody should be allowed to get away with just ignoring things.

And is there any better answer than “in trash bags”?

And on appointing a “plant” - it just goes further towards her integrity as a person. Again not that I really care, I am not in Alaska, nor even American. People playing fast and loose with the truth and not getting called on it because nobody has the attention span to follow up just offends the hell out of me.

State Senate. The appointee didn’t change parties until after the incumbent resigned, though apparently he was a registered Democrat in the past.

He still has to be approved by the Democrats in the State Senate.

Notice the beautiful plumage…