Sarah K. Palin, Will You Please Go Now?

The time has come
The time is now
Sarah K. Palin
Will you please go NOW?

You can go in a car
You can walk in your shoes
But for everyone’s sake
Please stay out of the news!

You can ride on a horse
You can ride on a cow
I don’t care how you go
Just get out of here NOW!

You can leave with much noise
Or sneak out, undetected
Just as long as you stop
Trying to get elected.

You made us blush
You made us cringe
We hoped you’d go back
To the Land of Right-Fringe.

But no, you soon quitted
To go write (right) a book
You swore you’d come back
By hook or by crook!

You can creep like a hedgehog
Or fly like a bird
But just go off somewhere
Where you won’t be heard.

Make yourself scarce
I don’t really care how
Oh, Sarah K. Palin,

Palin, I’d kinda like to fuck
But your poem, it kinda really sucks.

I can’t argue with the sentiment, though.

It’s Dr. Suess.

You know, “Marvin K. Mooney, Will You Please Go Now”?

LOL Liberal haters are Sarah’s biggest fans. You all are the reason she gets so much publicity.

If people would stop feeding the troll, maybe she’d go away.

I thought the poem was good and well done.

mswas, I’m sure you would love for we liberals to shut up about her but we believe it is our sacred duty to remind the voters about the dangers of electing the stupid and the incompetents; she embodies the worst qualities of both those groups.

I’m not liberal. That’s why I want her to please disappear soon. She’s embarassing all us sane conservatives.

I’m sure her publicist appreciates your sanctimony.

Yeah, but there are so few of you. Look at how many Conservatives jump to her defense time and again.

Perhaps mswas meant “those who hate liberals” while saying “liberal haters”.

I like her.
I hope she snabs the Republican presidential nomination come 2012.

I don’t care about appreciation nor do I believe I am sanctimonious. I point out her stupidity and incompetence in the hopes of causing republican idiots to fall over with heart attacks brought on by their rage at being told the truth.

Yeah, whatever, the more you bitch the more they like her. The problem is Dyonisian and you are coming at it from an Apollonian perspective.

They don’t give a shit what you think substantively, they see your hate as validation.

You know who else was hated … ?


You stupid drooling cow.


Palin/some other clown 2012!

You can ride on a moose
Or machine made for snow,
Just move your caboose
And close up your sad show.

Your supporters are turds,
Your speeches a wreck,
'Cause you parrot the words
Of that assface, Glenn Beck.

You’re a snake-chunking fundie
With less brains than snot.
Go pose in your undies -
At least you’re still hot!

Palin/Bachmann 2012. :wink:

My condolences to you both.

We’ve already said ‘Goodbye’.
Since you’ve got to go
Oh you had better go now.
Go now. Go now. Go now
Before you see me cry.

See, you don’t even have to change the lyrics.

Toot, Toot, Tootsie don’t cry,
Toot, Toot, Tootsie goodbye!

with apologies to the Moody Blues and Al Jolson

Nah, I’m sure there’s at least three of us.

We should meet in a phonebooth somewhere.