Sarah Palin vs. the Anchorage Daily News, or Palling Around With The Facts?

This is absolutely wonderful. She just can’t stop making a fool of herself, can she? I suppose we should expect it, given that reality has a well-known liberal bias, but this is over the top and into a muddy crater.

Palin, or her campaign, emailed the Anchorage Daily News (ADN) challenging them on some things they published about her and her family and so on. It would help her case immensely if she had done the basic research into how newspapers work:

The AP is a wire service. It feeds newspapers across the country stories that they run proofed but otherwise unedited, attributed to the AP and the AP’s own writers. Anyone who actually pays attention to the attribution lines above every single story should be able to figure that out. Emailing the ADN about the AP’s doings is pointless to say the least.

(Yes, they do have evidence to substantiate the claim. I’m not going to C&P the whole article into this post. Follow the link, already.)

Now Palin can’t even demonstrate basic reading skills. The story explicitly lays everything out so that anyone who can read would be left wondering just how fucking stupid Palin has to be.

So, the ADN must believe a rumor in order to report on it and investigate its spread? Tell Snopes! Tell the CSICOP! Tell the FDA, which investigates loony nutritional claims!

Palin is living in her own little world, and she doesn’t enjoy palling around with the facts. Happily, that makes it really funny to point and laugh at her.

I linked to that in the Palin’s still got it thread. My question is, when did she originally write this letter?

Sarah Palin sneezes, Oh my God I am so fucking outraged! How dare that woman still breathe! Something must be done!

Quick everyone as a panacea for this affront to our sensibilities congratulate each other on being liberal, it’s our only hope!

Well, you’ve clearly penetrated the heart of the OP’s partisanship.
Oh, no, wait, you’re just being a fucking moron.

mswas: You have the mindset down. You are close to a perfect emulation of your idol: You live in a different world, you get offended at the slightest hint of reality, and you are utterly inarticulate in expressing your outrage. The principal difference between you and Sarah Palin is that Sarah Palin puts enough effort into it to be funny.

Is that so? I guess congratulations are in order then aren’t they.

Congratulations on being a liberal! Even though you’re the least of your kind I can tell that you’re way beyond me! It takes a true genius to hate Sarah Palin for every trivial piece of nonsense that she does to be sure.

Us here in the esoteric ether just don’t really understand the ‘art’ of you cosmopolitan realitans.

That’s laughter and ridicule you’re hearing. Your interpretation of it as hate and outrage is strictly your own hallucination, so relax - the bad acid will wear off soon.

LoL I think people have a hatecrush.

And yes, it is laughter and ridicule that you are hearing. :wink:

I wonder how people will handle an Obama Presidency, without Bush they might just be lost.

Did this happen? Has she produced this exclusive tell-all, and somehow I missed it? I can’t fucking wait. The true story is even crazier than the conspiracy (which is how the conspiracy got legs to begin with … well, that combined with the lack of transparency on her part up to the election).

She’s starting to grow on me now that America is not in danger of electing her. How could I hate somebody who makes me laugh this much?

I for one am interested in the bits of Palin trivia because each new puzzle piece reveals more information about how big a bullet we just dodged by not electing McCain.

About the “high school dropout” bit: the fact that she said allow a story to run suggests to me that she knew damn well it was a wire story.

God you’re such a twat, mswas.

Peanut Gallery, that was the editor talking, not Palin.

mswas: Only in your spin cloud could I be considered liberal, either big or little ‘l’, unless you go back a few centuries and ignore certain issues. But you keep getting outraged. It’s what you’re good at.

Peanut Gallery: You’re quoting the ADN, not Palin. Palin never said what you’re attributing to her, more’s the pity.

I hope to live long enough to see the full revelation of all this, from soup to nuts. 2008 might go down as one of the biggest bullet-dodges in the past few decades, especially if McCain dies in the next four years.

Jenaroph: My thoughts exactly.

pats Derleth on the noggin

There’s definitely one of us who’s outraged, but it certainly wasn’t me. I was too busy killing APR scum to get that upset.

Wow. She went to how many schools to get a degree in journalism, and still needs this stuff explained to her?

Sheesh! Over react much? Another choice was to just not post in this thread because you’re sick of it.

I wouldn’t give a crap about Palin except she continually seeks to be in the public eye most likely because she is considering a run for the presidency. That’s frightening to me. I want people to be aware of what kind if dishonest self absorbed person she is.

At least she can now identify one source of reading material the next time Katie Couric asks another “gotcha” question.

I don’t care about Sarah Palin, but anybody who uses the term, “reality based community”, and isn’t making fun of Daily Kos types needs ridicule.

Almost no one is still pushing the Trig/Bristol conspiracy story. Aside from a few hours on Labor Day weekend, no one ever really did.

However, since then a few people (led by Andrew Sullivan) have written about the circumstances surrounding the story–namely, that the Palin camp never really denied the story, and the concrete evidence that would have quickly settled the matter once and for all was never produced.

I don’t think Palin has any interest in settling the matter once and for all. Any time the story comes up–even, as we see here, in the service of shutting it down–Palin can rend her garments and wail about how the LIBERAL ELITE MEDIA is being so HORRIBLE to her and her PRECIOUS, PRECIOUS FAMILY.