Cindy McCain

I mean really, this woman is just a parody of herself. She broke a bone shaking hands, wore 100s of thousands of dollars of clothes and jewelry to the Republican Convention, said that Obama “voted to not fund the troops” while her son was in Iraq, and now she accuses Obama of running “the dirtiest campaign in American history”. Really, worse than Rove push-polling voters in South Carolina to think your husband fathered an out-of-wedlock black baby? Worse than Palin saying Obama is “palling around with terrorists”? What a tool.

She has a oddly alien look about her, kinda reminds of that old TV show about the aliens look just like us unless you peel away their outer covering, then you see they are some kinda vaguely reptilian-humanoid. They like to eat mice, best part of the show was when one was surprised in the act of munching the mouse.

I’m not making this up! Least, I don’t think I am…

I for one welcome our new mouse-munching overlords.

I keep thinking she’s Paris Hilton’s grandma. They really do look alike.

Hey Cindy, if you reveal something embarrassing about your husband to the media, I’ll give you like twenty Vicodins. C’mon, I know you can’t resist that shit. The pills were important enough to steal from charity for, so they must be important enough for this.

Besides, do you know how much harder it is to get a pill doc when you’re the vice president’s wife and the media is always breathing down your neck? You probably won’t be able to get fucked up for, like, four years, at least!

They’re ten-milligram Vics, Cindy. That’s the good shit. I’ll give you one right now. You just go ahead and pop that sucker and think about it for a little bit, then get back to me.

Same old shit. They get mad when they do not get the presidency they are entitled to have. It just pisses them off. You do not take things from the wealthy without shocking them. She had such cute outfits picked out.

McCain has promised to break her other hand if she doesn’t do the good Stepford Wife thing for him.

She’s a cunt.

I know, my friends, I have it on the best authority.

You think that is hard? Imagine trying to score when you are the PRESIDENT’S wife! Damn Sercret Service always harshing her buzz. :slight_smile:

Why in the world would Cindy come forward and go on the attack with all the baggage she is carrying. One comment about stealing drugs should dispatch her and her effort. Maybe Keith Olbermann will fire that shot.

I have no idea why I very briefly thought that McCain was running for VP. Maybe the thought of Sarah Palin is so traumatic that my mind blocked it out.

Huh. I think she looks more insectile, something along the praying mantis line.

Aging trophy wife needs to shut the fuck up. She’s the LaBrea tar pits of morality.

Inheirted millions but still stole from a freakin’ charity to feed her drug habit (she couldn’t find enough spare housekeeping money from one of their gazillion homes?), fucked around with maverick Johnny Mac while he was married to his starter wife, broke up that marriage but won’t claim her half-sisters from her father’s second marriage based on…what? her refined family values?

Nobody’s crawling out of this Republican campaign unsullied and it’s sure not due to Obama. They have so much more filth to splash back on them. Desperation is ugly and in this case it’s also really, really stupid. When the other guy has a much cleaner record, that’s a pretty clear clue that ‘going negative’ will backfire badly.

Wait 'til you hear what she said about those pussies in uniform. She’d make General Patton proud. :rolleyes:

True, but when a male praying mantis gives head, there is no doubting his sincerity and commitment.

I think she’s like Angela from The Office.

ArchiveGuy, I can’t access youtube right now. What did she say?

They asked her about McCain’s POW status and if it still effects them by asking: “No cold sweats in the middle of the night?”

She replied, “Oh, no no no no no. My husband, he’d be the first to tell you that he was trained to do what he was doing. The guys who had the trouble were the 18 year olds who were drafted. He was trained, he went to the Naval Academy, he was a trained naval officer, and so he knew what he was doing.”

Oh for fuck’s sake.
Thank you, Diosa.

BUT, BUT, you dont understand, it’s all Obama’s fault for not acceding to the Town Halls!