New McCain Doctrine: Preemptive lying

Ok, so everyone is aware that McCain had a minor gaffe on thursday when he said he would fire Chris Cox as Chairman of the SEC:

Now, this was kind of a fuck up because the President cannot technically fire the SEC Chairman, but he can request a resignation so it’s not that big of a deal. Nontheless, the McCain campaign feared that Obama would jump on the error and hastily issued a press release preemptively expressing outrage about how Obama was going to “distort” McCain’s words:

So how did McCain’s psychic powers work out for him? Here is what Obama actually said:

So now the McCain camp is no longer in the realm of even twisting or distorting or selectively misinterpreting Obama’s words. They’re attacking him for what the imagine he MIGHT say.

We’re through the looking glass.

But he doesn’t have the power to remove the Chairman of the SEC, similar to his lack of power over the Federal Reserve. He can request all his little heart desires - so what?

A true politically appointed employee, such as the Secretary of State, or the head of FEMA, can be fired at any time; appointed employees such as Cox or Bernanke are statutorily protected. Does McCain really not know this?

Actually, I think the pressure is getting to JM. He’s misspeaking just about every day now. He apparently realized his mistake in the “firing” statement, and responded today that he’d call for the resignation of the chairman of the FEC. Watching Rachel Maddow mock JM for his dimwitted mistakes is the best part of this election.

He’s changed his mind already,

just wants him to quit his night job!

CMC +fnord!
Through the looking glass, and swallowed both the red pill and the blue pill with a big glass of adrenochrome to wash 'em down!

So where’s the lie (i.e., a statement that is false that the speaker knew was false when making it)?

If you think McCain was lying when they said they heard Obama was going to discuss the issue in a speech, what’s your support for that proposition?

Also, on the merits of Obama’s statement, it’s convenient how he forgets the Democratic Congress that apparently hasn’t done anything either.

The lie is accusing Obama of “planning” to say something he wasn’t planning to say. Is it really supposed to be meaningful to weasel it by saying “well that’s what we heard?” Heard from who?

A much to narrowed view. Watching Rachel Maddow* is* the best part of this election.

I for one and shocked and disgusted that that one McCain supporter who is going to post later on in this thread would advocate doing such things to adorable little kittens.

At long last, sir (or madam, as the case may be), have you no shame?

What’s your support for the proposition that McCain knew Obama wasn’t planning on saying that?

Thank god you people only make up 45.4% of the population as of today…

Wow, 45.4% of the population are atheist fiscally conservative socially liberal lawyers? Color me surprised.

Who gives a shit what he knew? Not knowing isn’t an excuse to make the accusation.

I heard John McCain is planning to fuck my dog. What is your proof that I didn’t really hear that?

Uh… we heard it from a guy… you know… that guy on Obama’s campaign that says stuff.

You, sir, are confused about what a “lie” is. But you’re in good company–it’s a common malady here on the dope.

Oh ya? well what’s your proof for your supposition of the non-support of the proposition that McCain didn’t know that Obama was not planning on never saying that?

<brain explodes>

What the fuck?

Care to help the class and define the term “to lie”?

Making an accusation you don’t know to be true is close enough to a lie that I don’t really give a shit about your snivelling equivocations.

He’s a lawyer; he can’t help himself.

You’re just saying the same thing in different words. You still have to show that McCain did indeed “make an accusation he did not know to be true.”

Look, McCain didn’t lie. But what he did do was pretty weird (i.e., responding to something that Obama hadn’t even said yet). Why not just get mad at that? Why do you have to say it’s a “lie”?