Sarah Palin supports Hamas

But only because she’s too fucking stupid to know what it is.

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This is a totally characteristic Palin response. Try to gloss with a generic, non-answer, then quickly segue into irrelevant and non-controversial filler (in this case a very bold denouncement of Ahmadinejad [whose name she mispronounced, incidentally]). Unfortunately, she had no idea that when she blithely blessed the Gaza election, she obliviously appeared to be endorsing a terrorist organization.

This response from Palin shows a much more serious level of ignorance and cluelessness than her not being able to name a magazine that exists in the world or name a Supreme Court ruling which has ever been passed down n US history besides Roe (and even with Roe, she stupidly and unwittingly said she agreed with the underpinnings for it).
In an interview with Fox News tool and embedded McCain camp toady, Carl Cameron today, Palin claimed that Barack Obama is ineligible to be CiC on the basis of a gross mischaracterization of a particular statement he once made.

What Obama actually said was this:

It’s no surprise that Cameron does not give the actual Obama quote and just let;s Palin’s lie sit there as if it’s an accurate representation.
So who’s really showing themself to unqualified to be CiC here. The guy who says we have to be careful NOT to kill civilians, or the one who doesn’t know what Hamas is?

Imagine if Obama had appeared to endorse Hamas. Is there any doubt he would be destroyed?

Palin scares the living shit out of me.

Well now you know how I’ve felt with all the fawning over Obama.

When has Obama ever shown anything close to the terrifying level of ignorance that Palin has shown?

Pretty much any time he mentions anything about the economy (or any other matter related to the evil that is money and those who have it). And calling a handout to the poor a “tax cut.” Doesn’t get more ignorant than that. And saying that he wants a national civil service that’s as well-funded as the military and then taking that part of this speech out the transcript posted on his website.

Dude, accept that she’s a Dumb Fuckin’ Bitch and accept it. The guys who want to fuck her will jump through hoops to prove their worthiness, and nobody else has a chance with them. Prove to those shitheads that no, they have no more chance with her than they did in high school (and, deep down, they all know it is true) and you win, thou I think you are fucked. Without that you have a whore’s race. Guys will vote for her DESPITE reality, just like McCain’s bets against Obama, the line. It argues against prudent playing, but isn’t McCain a “maverick.?”

ETA: (checking the forum) Don’t be baited by what Rand says. He’s an idiot and his opinoins are worth shit.

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What are you? Some kind of Communist?

Dude, that’s not examples of ignorance, it’s examples of semantic choices and rhetoric that you don’t like. Trying to paint Barack Obama is stupid is like trying to say he’s Chinese. It’s clearly, observably false and makes YOU look like an idiot.

Back to the subject. Does it bother you that Palin doesn’t know what Hamas is?

Can us Old Farts make it clear that any post prefaced by, “Dude,” is intended to denigrate the person spoken to? I mean, that’s how I use it.

(no irony attached)

Yer ol’ pal, Drop

I was painting Obama as ignorant, per your request, not as stupid.

Of course. But the stuff Obama doesn’t know about also bothers me.

:stuck_out_tongue: OK dude. Lots of people pay my firm over $500 an hour for my opinion on U.S. federal income tax matters, so your statement is demonstrably incorrect.

But you failed to show examples of ignorance. Really, all you did was make a couple fatuous objections to policy positions.

One aspect of American culture that seems innocuous at first but actually has far reaching and sometimes terrifying consequences is the emphasis on the individual. Everyone has their own ability to search for their own version of life, liberty, happiness. This individualism is only reinforced by the American media that bombards us with the idea of egoism and how the individual alone suffers through the world. Which is not bad, or good, it’s just different than a lot of cultures, especially Asian ones which focus on collectivism and familial support.

Anyway, one very peculiar aspect of this individualism is that now everyone sort of assumes they make their own reality. As of late, this seems to come increasingly from the far right, although typically it’s usually any form of extremists trying to justify an irrational cause. Rand Rover and all the Republicans/Conservatives/Joe Sixpacks of the world (like my father, incidentally) that saw the debate and came to the conclusion that Palin is ready to be president (should the need arise), or that Barrack Obama isn’t intelligent, capable, etc, or whatever the nonsense du jour is, are simply wrong.

Let me state that more precisely: Rand Rover, you’re wrong.

Policy positions born of ignorance.

My opinion that Obama is ignorant about the economy is wrong? OK. Your opinion that my opinion is wrong is wrong. So there. :rolleyes:

Wow. One would think someone who could almost be president would be told who hamas was.
If she had said, yes they were elected, but I would not recognize them as a legitimate government nor deal with them, she would’ve had my vote.
Usually the vice position isn’t That important, such as with Quayle, but here McCain could conceivably pass in office. Though that raises a question someone must know, if McCain died, and someone Palin did also, who would be president? (name wise, not position)

My opinion is that your opinion is ignorant.

My opinion is that all of us are staying up way too late and will be tired tomorrow. Good night Dio.

Well lots of women pay me $1000.00 just to look at my 12 inch cock but you don’t see me bragging about it on an anonymous message board to support my argument that I have a huge cock.

If you’re talking about a situation where they’ve both already taken office and then go at the same time (or close enough to it that no replacement VP has been named before Palin shuffles off) –

Nancy Pelosi.

You’re being too civil. That makes me suspicious. :dubious:

Good night, Rover. I’m going down too.