I don’t fucking feel sorry for John McCain and it’s making me nauseous to keep reading how others do, especially goddamned bleeding heart liberals. STOP IT! McCain chose his path, and now he’s mired in the mud, so fuck him with a jackhammer. The man’s going to be the next president and because of him freaking Creationist Barbie will be the 45th POTUS, so FUCK HIM! He deserves no sympathy. He’s disgusting, pathetic and dangerous.

You must be the only person who actually thinks he’s going to win. He’s double digits down with a few weeks to go.

A. McCain is not very likely to win. He’s down in nearly every swing state, including some that have never been swing before.
B. Even if he does win, that doesn’t mean Palin will be President after him. Historically, the incumbent VP has mixed success when trying to move up a notch.

True, but if he kicks it, the success rate goes up.

When I look at McCain right now, I don’t see a healthy man. I wouldn’t be surprised if he died pretty soon. Sad, yes. Surprising, no.

Easy on the guy. He’s already done his tour there.

I do feel bad for the man. I think he’s being manipulated for political purposes of the GOP. Sure, he wants to be there, but he’s having trouble with the schedule (hell, I would now, let alone at nearly 80). What cemented me is the getting booed by his own supporters who were frothing at the mouth about Obama being an Arab. He’s driving the crazy bus and he knows it, but he needs those people to win, though winning is appearing more and more remote. Sad. There is, or was, a decent person there once.

I tell myself that. Half of the time I believe it.

I don’t feel bad for him at all. Even if he loses, which is likely, he’ll still be rich.

And anyone that can run for POTUS with the slogan “Country First” yet select the most unqualified nutjob for VPOTUS because her tits might draw in votes from religious wingnuts and grumpy HRC supporters is a hypocrite. Especially when he might kick it in 4 years.

The evidence that John McCain was ever particularly decent is pretty scant. There’s certainly not enough to conclude that the nasty course of his campaign occurred against his will.

I used to think so, back in 2000 when I was rooting for him to get the Republican nomination. But since then, either I’ve learned more about him or he’s changed. I didn’t know how he treated his first wife, nor that he called his current wife a cunt in public. I didn’t think he’d pick a VP that is so totally inappropriate (and whose values I never would have thought he shared, 8 years ago).

What really makes me wonder about him is how he sold his soul to the Republican machine this time around. He hired Tucker Eskew, the Rovian dirty campaigner who smeared him in 2000, and whom he said had “a special place in hell waiting for him.” He has embraced the fundamentalists who he called “agents of intolerance.” He reversed himself on torture, something you’d think would be too close to his heart for such flip-flopping.

A lot of this smacks of desperation, and that’s not an attractive quality in a person generally but especially in a presidential candidate. He can comfort himself with his 8 houses and 11 cars, or whatever he has, in his remaining years. And I don’t think he’s got a lot left, frankly. He’s going to have a lot to make peace with himself for after this year.

My armchair analysis (worth what you paid for it) is that he’s just sort of average on the decency scale. He does seem to be someone who demonizes his opponents in his own mind and he’s pretty vain. But I think that lots of people would show themselves to be pretty rotten if we were put in his position. Not all. Maybe not most. But a lot.

Relax. A lot of Democrats aren’t really used to being tough. Give 'em time. It’ll grow on 'em.

Fuck John McCain and that stupid woman he chose as his running mate.

Fuck the angry, illiterate, crazed mobs at his rallies.

Fuck the people who think voting for “someone like us” is more important than voting based on credentials, qualifications, temperate, and judgement.

Fuck the people who laughed along with Guiliani and Palin when they mocked Obama’s community activism. Fuck them if they can’t see the irony in self-professed Christians mocking someone for helping the poor.

Fuck all the people in this video. Especially the lazy-eyed blonde bitch who is clearly insane.

Fuck the people who are more afraid of an Obama presidency than they are of losing their jobs, their savings and retirements, and their children’s college funds.

I imagine Gore has been a much happier guy over the last eight years then he would’ve been if he’d won the WH in 2000. The same will probably be true of McCain, he can go play elder statesmen for a few more years in the senate and spend the rest of the time in casinos gambling away his wifes millions.

If your going to feel sorry for someone, feel sorry for Obama, who is going to have to try and take charge of this mess

No, I also think he’s going to win. He shouldn’t, but he will.

Anyone thinking McCain will win is backing some damn long odds. Doesn’t mean it won’t happen, of course, but, sheesh: you’re better off backing the Dodgers to win the World Series this year.

Great post! Loved the video. My favorite was the ACORN exchange. :smiley:

You might enjoy Sidewalk to Nowhere

Why do you think that? Again, he’s far behind, he has less money (rumors the RNC is going to abandon him now too), and has 3 weeks to turn it around. How on earth is he going to do that?

It’s Obama’s to lose
The Democrats snatch defeat from the jaws of victory
It’s Obama’s to lose
The Democrats snatch defeat from the jaws of victory
It’s Obama’s to lose
The Democrats snatch defeat from the jaws of victory
It’s Obama’s to lose
The Democrats snatch defeat from the jaws of victory

Bullshit repeated enough times starts sounding true.

I think the warmongers, the racists, and the religious right will rally against the uppity Democrat who is a secret Muslim and will weaken America. I’ve watched the Bush Administration with some interest, and it’s clear to me that there are enough of the above one-issue voters to make a difference and that it’s not too difficult to get them to believe up is down and black is white and the Republicans can run the United States economically and effectively and well. He with the biggest flag pin wins. Things like ‘issues’ and ‘results’ don’t seem to matter to enough Americans to be the determining factor in their votes.

As for backing long odds, I’ve promised to send someone a Canadian dollar should the Republicans win so the election won’t be a total loss for him. Effectively my money is riding on Obama.