Oh beautiful, beautiful meltdown

The Pubs have begin to savage each other like starving junkyard dogs. McCain is ripping into Bush. Others are bailing on McCain. Rumors are flying that Palin is setting herself up for next election and has already turned on Johnnie Mac. Knives are being sharpened and x’es are being drawn on backs.

It is a wondrous sight for these tired old liberal eyes to behold. Kind of reminiscent of the fall of the Soviet Bloc.

Talk about RO! I swear, I’m gonna come all over my TV screen election night.

Have you got any particular links of meltdown to share? Not that I’m gloating or anything. Just… you know, curious. And I have some tissues.

The spectacle is bettered only by the Dems counting their chickens.

How about Scott McClellan endorsing Obama?

[thread drift] Just all make sure you get out and vote! This election could still go either way[/drift]

See this article from Politico.com.

Bricker was recently taken to task, in part over his claims that he would gloat over a McCain win. I think was can all be better than this.

I hope Obama wins; but come November 5th, we all still have to get along.

Heck, go to MSNBC and catch Olbermann and Maddow’s shows from tonight, they’ve pretty well tied it up with a nice little bow on it, especially Maddow. There’s a whole bunch of speculation that Caribou Barbie is throwing McCain under the bus in order to get herself in place for '12.

It’s quite the implosion–it appears that there’s an article coming out in the NY Times Sunday that’s pretty much a forensic postmortem of the McCain campaign, with some fairly fingerpointy statements by various staffers who seem to be concerned about their employability after being part of the campaign debacle.

It didn’t help that CC Goldwater came out for Obama as well, speaking for the entire family–that’s gotta leave a mark, considering McCain was Barry’s protege and successor and the Goldwaters are Arizona royalty.

Considering how all over the map the McCain campaign has been all along and how they’ve been doing the mud tornado lately it’s not too surprising that everybody’s looking to place blame everywhere but on themselves…

Here’s another article from the New York Times, about Mike Murphy, who was chief strategist for McCain’s 2000 campaign and is now openly criticizing his current one.

I can’t. Sorry. The audacity of hope is starting to worm its way into my soul, and if Obama wins, oh I am so gonna gloat, especially to my dad, who called me after Bush’s win in 2004 to gloat, and who a few weeks ago called Obama a “nigger” just because he knew it would piss me off.

I don’t have to get along with right-wingers. I don’t WANT to get along with right-wingers. I have no intention of getting along with right-wingers.

ETA: and yeah, the meltdown is a thing of beauty.

Outside of the obligatory and traditional gloating and lording it over, I expect to be the very model of graciousness and magnanimity. Anyone know how you masturbate like a motherfuck with grace?

If you’re with Grace, I don’t think it’s technically masturbation.

I just want to make it clear that any acts of self-gratification in which I may indulge should not be taken as a political statements of any kind.

(Isn’t gloating before the election a case of premature ejaculation?)

Already got a rope, won’t take us that long to find a tree.

You’ve never seen Grace, godawmighty ugly! She walked past a blind man selling pencils, he screamed “Lord, have mercy!” and gouged his ears out!

Well, whoever is elected by whatever margin (hint, hint: go out and vote, gang), will have a sobering January.

We are in a deep hole and there is much to be done.

You morons voted for Bush twice in a row and you think McCain’s already a footnote in history? Face it, Obama is going to lose. I wish it weren’t so, if only for the sake of the good name of what was once a country to admire, but don’t ever underestimate the power of the ignorant/bigoted/reactionary/stupid vote, who have shown over this campaign that they’ll happily eat shit and call it brown sugar. There’s a good reason the Republicans are running a stupid and vicious campaign: they’re courting the ignorant and vicious vote. What have they got to lose at this point?

Well said.

The same was said in 2004. Clearly, that isn’t the case.

No, we don’t, and no, we can’t. The Right hasn’t any desire to do so, and one side can’t unilaterally declare cooperation. It takes both sides.

I recall what happened right after 9-11; the Democrats went all out for bipartisan cooperation - and the Republicans relentlessly and ruthlessly used that to push their agendas. The lesson : Don’t bother trying to cooperate or compromise with the Right; they have no interest in doing so, and will simply see trying on your part as an opportunity and a weakness.

And the Republicans right now are controlled by extremely unpleasant, unethical, irrational people with whom it’s wrong to compromise with since they are simply crazy, bad people, and moving in the direction of craziness and evil is a poor idea.

Perhaps eventually, the Republicans will be led by semi-decent people capable of political relationships besides “my way or nothing”; until then, don’t bother.