Cindy McCain

This goes especially well when paired with their daughter Megan saying “No one knows what war is like other than my family. Period.”

This was followed by a representative of a veterans group saying that they already have a hard enough time diagonosing and treating PTSD without having a potential First Lady publicly acting like such a thing doesn’t exist in the first place.

She said she got a cold shiver down her spine when Obama voted “against funding the troops” but failed to mention any cold shiver down her spine when her own damn husband voted against funding the troops.
She has no shame.

Her husband also refused to vote for the GI Bill. Does it bother her that her husband believes that a kid who gets his legs blown off by an IED has not done enough to deserve a college tuition?

She is so full of shit. Fucking junkie.

Except for the actual part where you had to fly the planes well. Yeah, he knew what he was doing.

They should have asked if she was the one with the cold sweats.*


Riiiiiiiiiiiiight. Because it’s really as cut and dried as that. John McCain and anyone who voted against the bill wants those who were badly wounded to suffer more and doesn’t want to help them at all.

If I recall correctly, you were already called on your idiotic position in another thread. But if you would have learned from that then you wouldn’t be an idiot.

So, I guess it all makes sense.

I didn’t say he wanted them to suffer more, I said he does not believe they’ve done enough to earn a college education. That is a fact. McCain’s position is that serving one enlistment is not enough to merit a free college ride, regardless of what that person might sacrifice.

Illegal immigrants stole all the money from the cushions of her dozens of couches! Have they no shame!??!?!?!


Hey, I was in Vietnam and don’t have PTSD. I must have known what I was doing, also! And I was an enlisted puke, too. Fuckin’ elitist plane-crashing, prison slacker prick…

And… The McCain campaign attacksMichelle Obama.

So, I guess Cindy’s drug use and theft are fair game now?

I guess the Obama children are next.

That Sasha looks sketchy. I don’t like those kids she plays with, either. I’m pretty sure her BFF is the one stealing the crayons sniffing the glitter glue.

Allegedly, Obama’s children did go to the same school as Ayers’ kids. Also, Obama’s kids are black.

Wait, is that right. I thought they didn’t ‘deserve’ college tuition if getting their legs blown off meant they couldn’t complete their term of enlistment. Are you saying they could get their legs blown off AND STILL COMPLETE one term of enlistment, and not get paid tuition?

IOW, did it even matter if your legs get blown off or not during a single term of enlistment? You need to re-up for a second term before being eligible?

Under McCain’s plan that is…

But Webb’s package actually passed, right?

To nitpick, I think McCain qualifies as the aged trophy husband in this scenario. She was the one with the coin.

What’s wrong with that?

It makes it more difficult to call your opponent an elitist.

For their anniversary, he gave her an antique organ.

(That’s Diogenes’ joke. I was against it.)

Flip flopper.