Sarah the Quitter!

(Originally I was going to post this in the Great Debates threadon Sarah Palin. But since **tomndebb **has instructed us to limit ourselves to serious debate, I thought we could use a thread to, as Bridget Burke says, “point and laugh”.)

Nah-nah-nah … Sarah’s a QUITTER! A big, fat, scaredy-cat QUITTER! She acts all tough, but when the shit starts to fly, she folds like a cocktail napkin! I’ve got more respect for Mark Sanford than her. He fucked up big time, but he’s standing up straight and taking his lumps. It was obvious that Norm Coleman lost the election months ago, but he hung in there against all odds just to stick it to us Dems. Not like Sarah The Quitter. What would happen if she got elected President? Would she turn tail and run just because the press was mean to her? If she got bored after two years, would she just up and QUIT? No sense of duty. No sense of responsibility. No sense of honor.

She’s a lame-ass QUITTER who eats QUITTER sandwiches covered in QUITTER sauce!

She started eating the sandwich, but left half of it sitting on the counter.

A good point guard knows how to bench herself during the 2nd quarter if an opposing fan yells something that bothers her.

(But, eh, I’m just playing here. Palin is just too strange for me to work up any hostility toward her. It was damn sad to see people supporting her for VP, though.)

I always thought she was a bit of a crybaby, myself.

Hey, with a jump shot at the buzzer, she beat out Mark Sanford’s AP Interview for the most rambling and incoherent political speech of the week.

She always struck me as a little boneheaded, but still somewhat shrewd. I was a bit surprised. She’ll probably wind up gunning for senate.

Edit: I forgot this is the Pit. Fuck that absurd, cartoonish excuse for a human being with her little 'tarded human shield and her terrible hair coloring.

If you really want a good laugh, register with the Anchorage Daily News for free and read the online comments about her duck and run politics. They live among us, people; be afraid.


She really is extremely well suited for a porn movie with Joe the plumber.

The worst part about all this quitting is that we will be exposed to endless amounts of Teh Sarah for the next three years. :mad:

I’m hoping she fades away.

So, the Dingbat/Batshit ticket is off for 2012 ? :frowning: See posts #32 & 33

It’s probably inevitable that she’ll end up with a show on Fox News. I wonder who they’ll shitcan to make room for her. She’ll probably want something better than a weekend show. My money’s on Greta getting transferred to some graveyard shift. Kind of ironic since Greta has been one of Palin’s most loyal sycophants.

I’d love it if Sarah demanded O’Reilly or Hannity’s time slot. She’s got to think she’s a bigger ratings draw than they are, and she might be right. It would be hilarious if she was able to bigfoot one of their timeslots. Their egos are far more precious to them than any ideology.

Not only is Sarah a quitter, I heard she’s going to be racing in the Iquitarod.

Yesterday on Twitter, Peter Sagal (host of “Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me” on PRI) said:

That raised a point to me – Cynthia McKinney has thrown the Democratic party aside, and ran a moonbattery-laden campaign for President as a Green.

I fear that this means that we’re going to see a Palin presidential campaign on some weirdo minority party ticket that’s out there on the mavericky far right. Not the party of McCain or Steele or Limbaugh, but more like the party of Tom Tancredo and worse. The lock the borders and deport anyone who wasn’t born here no matter what, eliminate all federal “entitlement” programs, ban abortions and birth control, flat tax, mandatory gun ownership party. And because of who she is, she’ll get a ton of press while doing it, more than Ross Perot or Cynthia McKinney or any third party player ever has in history, which will in turn lend a ton of unwarranted credence to the platform of whatever nutbar party she founds or becomes the nominal head of.

“There’s no crying in baseball!”

which is why I said I hope she’ll fade away.

She’d be less likely to give credence, than to serve as a spoiler for the Republicans if she can seriously draw in votes. The Nader of the Right as it were.

You forget, she plays basketball. She’s a point guard. :smiley:

That might not be a bad thing for the democrats.

But I’m waiting for her other shoe to drop.

I agree. Her political career is finished. She doesn’t have the ability to sustain a coherent conversation for thirty seconds, much less an hour or two or more. That should scuttle The Sarah Palin Hour on Fox hypothesis (I have no love for the Limbaughs or Becks of the world, but Palin doesn’t have their talent for hosting a radio/TV show, and Fox is in the business of making money, not necessarily advancing the conservative movement). Sure, she had her fans, and they loved her, but they loved her because maybe she could win the Presidency. They know now that it’s over (although they’re keeping a stiff upper lip, viz. the Peter Ferrera editorial about how SP has “outsmarted” the liberals–don’t be fooled, the faith has been shaken), how much longer are they going to be interested in yesterday’s news? Now she’s Newt Gingrich with a little more charisma and a lot less candlepower.