Sarah the Quitter!

I expect she’ll try to make a big splash in the next election a la post-92 Dan Quayle.

A couple of years after that, someone will try to use her in an ironic SuperBowl commercial.

And that will be it from her.

I am just waiting for her to come out of the closet and then join the Libertarian party.

:smiley: Very nice!

Gail Collins has an excellent piece in the Pravda Times that thoroughly mocks Palin and her “speech”.

One small bit of underappreciated irony - just two days earlier an interview was released in Runner’s World in which she had bragged about her endurance

Of course in the actual article she also says

Uh, yeah.

I’ve got to chime in with Kimmy here and point out that from FOX’s perspective this makes no sense at all. Whatever their political leanings, FOX is, first and foremost, a broadcasting network. You can hate their politics but you can’t deny their credentials as a broadcaster and producer. They produce slick, professional shows and historically have been ahead of the curve on a lot of things when it comes to making money in TV - hell, this is, after all the Simpsons network. They know what they’re doing when it comes to getting viewers.

They’re NOT going to give a talk show to one of the worst extemporaneous speakers in the English-speaking world, no matter how popular she is among religious wackos. They know damned well the show would draw great ratings for two days and then become a painful embarassment; ratings would stay high for another week as people tuned in to watch the train wreck and then would drop like a stone and they’d have to cancel it amidst a blizzard of lost money and public humiliation.

It’d be like the New York Yankees signing Tiger Woods to play center field.

I suspect the simplest explanation is the right one (once again) and she’s just running away from a brewing scandal.

We don’t want her!

Have you ever seen the movie Network, 'cause that’s a pretty good summary :smiley:

I thought this was great:

And this

She figured out how to play this angle while in college:

By my count that means she’ll be PotUS after quitting three more jobs.

I can’t see a radio or TV show lasting. Especially radio, for heaven’s sake. The woman has an extremely irritating voice and manner of speaking, and even her most loyal fans would soon realize how it grates on them.

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Maybe she could get a role on 30 Rock or something…

Run, Sa-rahhhh, runnnnnnn!

The point guard analogy was painfully long and rambling.
A good point guard would quit?

A good point guard knows when to pass the ball so the team can win.(Paraphrase from her “speech”)

It’s okay that you don’t get it, gonzo. Now finish your juice, it’s almost time for your nap.

What are you going to do, say she hasn’t the right to join?:stuck_out_tongue:

As a side note to Sarah: in today’s Anchorage paper, the humor columnist says that Sarah’s attack dog, Meghan Stapleton, is being referred to by many as “Magnum Staplegun”.