How much are Bob Ross paintings going for these days?

Everybody remembers that “Happy-Tree” T.V. painter on public telivision from the seventies. He could practically paint a landscape inside half an hour. At that painting rate there must be thousands of Bob Ross paintings around.

On the other-hand he must have had quite a bit of notoriety from the show so his paintings (especially the ones featured on the T.V. show) must be worth quite a bit.

So what are his paintings going for these days and where can I get my hands on one?

You might check withthese folks. However, based on this comment on their site

I don’t expect that the paintings will be cheap.

Obviously they have only a tenuous grasp of how web pages work. Kinda hard to view the site without downloading the images.


This web site still doesn’t tell me much about the value of his paintings. Has one ever been sold publicly? How many paintings did he make? Were they sold for alot of money when his show was still being recorded? Did syndication increase the value of his paintings?

I can remember an art teacher I had who just thought Bob Ross was a hack. At the time I was 10 and simply didn’t have the brains to disagree. Now it seems to me that he is the Campbells soup of painting. His style is duplicated by ametuers all over. His paintings must be very desirable. Do they go for 1000, 10,000, 100,000 or 1,000,000 dollars? Does PBS own all of the paintings that he made for the show?

You didn’t notice the e-mail link on their site where you could ask them? I had to say that I seriously doubt his original paintings are highly desirable. A google search of “Bob Ross collectors” yielded zero results.

If you are planning a black mass or some other occasion that would necessitate a Bob Ross masterpiece you can find some info on it here