How Much are Olympic Medals Worth?

I don’t mean in terms of endorsement contracts, nor in terms of their auction value as collectors items on ebay. I mean strictly in terms of their metal value. How much do a gold, silver or bronze medal weigh? How much is each worth in the commodities market?

The bronze and silver medals are are just that, with the silver being at least sterling quality (92.5% silver). The gold medals are also basically silver with only a coating of gold. However, the fact that each gold medal must be coated with 6 grams of gold, which makes them much better than ordinary gold plate.

From This site:

Regarding the gold medals, I found this German website saying that the medals weigh 150 grams (4.8 troy ounces) and are made of gold-plated silver, with 6 grams (0.19 troy ounces) of gold in it (and I guess 146 grams, or 4.7 troy ounces, of silver) Gold was traded at $403 per ounce today, silver at $6.70, which makes for aproximately $31.50 in silver metal value and $76.60 in gold, totalling a bit more than a hundred dollars.