How much are speeding tickets where you are?

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My most recent speeding ticket here in Minnesota was $110.00. No “reckless” or “careless” multipliers…just regular speeding.

If you’ve received a speeding ticket recently, I’d be curious how much you had to pay.

(Anyone responding with, “I’ve never got a speeding ticket. Neener neener neener!” will automatically be cursed by the highway gods to a blown motor during rush hour while trying to get to the hospital during a gallstone attack.)

The last speeding ticket I got (in Georgia) was $75. I was going 80 in a 65, I think. $75 seems to be pretty average for a regular speeding ticket, but here the fines do increase the more you exceed the speed limit.

IIRC, here in Upstate NY the fine is $5 for every mile over the speed limit, plus a surcharge of $25 I believe.

Well fines and court cost totaled $92.00 for 68 in a 55 back in '99. Carteret County, NC. My ex - wifes ticket. I haven’t had one since '87.

In MA they get you for $50 bucks for anything 10 MPH and less over the limit. After that it is $10 for each additional MPH.

So doing 75 in a 55 zone would be good for $150, not to mention the insurance fees, which is where you REALLY pay in MA.

Last ticket I got was £40 - $58 (5 years ago tho), but we have a nasty point adding up system in the UK. 3 points for standard speeding offence i.e. 90 in a 70mph zone. Get 12 points and it’s bye bye driving license for a long while.

Also I think the standard ticket price has gone up now and is £60 - $87

Points stay on the license for 5 years too, yuck. Just try getting insurance with 6 or more and you are stuffed.


On the Natchez Trace where I got my last three tickets (over 15 years), the last one cost $85. I was going 68 and the speed limit is 50. Others who were going over 70 were finded $125.

I got a ticket for $88 (USD) going 88 mph in a 70 mph zone. This was in Alabama, on my way up to Indiana.

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I just got a speeding ticket last weekend in MO for 102$. I was doing 82 in a 70. It also goes up in price as you go up in speed. They gave me a little sheet explaing all the fines for assorted highway offenses. I’ve since had the ticket blow into the trashcan and then thrown away in a series or strange coincedinces. The place I got the ticket is 2 states and over an hour away. My address on my liscense was incorrect and I didnt correct the officer when he asked if everything was correct and current. IM GOING TO JAIL!!! Not really, I’m assuming a phone call to the court house can clear this up.

We got a ticket for Aust$125.00 for doing 71km/h in a 60km/h zone.

Which would work out to about US$65

(I can use the currency calculator:) )

In Western Australia:

Km/h in excess 	But not more  $  Demerit
of speed limit   than km/h       points

      9 	    19       100    1 
     19 	    29 	     150    3 
     29             40 	     250    4 
     40              - 	     350    6 

Lose 12 demerit points over two years and lose your license. My father was recently pinged doing 78 in a 60 zone so he just scraped in with a $100 fine.

Never had a speeding fine myself. :stuck_out_tongue: - nyah, nyah!

I do double the speed limit most of the time, and “I’ve never got a speeding ticket. Neener neener neener!”.

In Bombay, breaking the speed limit is not considered a serious infraction of the law and almost everyone does it. It is even possible to overtake a cop car going over the limit and not get pulled over. This happens often.

If pulled over for speeding, the fine is about US$2. Yes, that’s TWO.

That’s why i say, buy your Ferraris and come down here… There’s a guy with a Ferrari here and man does he let her rip…

Ofcourse, if you’re involved in an accident while going over the limit that would cost you considerably more on the legal front…

New South Wales, Australia:

My one and only ticket was for doing 86km/h in a 60k/mh zone, about five years ago. It was, IIRC A$156, which I think is about US$85 or so. That was for a “mid range” speeding offence, and the price has gone up considerably since then.

Luckily, I didn’t pay it. In true Doper fashion, I dashed off a little bullshit-laden note and got my arse off the fine. I’m still wondering how I did it.


On-the-spot fine was £50 (about $55) up to end-2001. Not sure whether there was any increase with the Euro. Generally, you won’t be ticketed for anything less than 10 mph over the speed limit - the only ticket I got was for 80 in a 60 zone, although I’ve only been driving for just over a year. There is no link between the size of the fine and the speed but you would probably be charged with careless or dangerous driving if drove seriously above the limit. That would mean a court appearance and probably a sizable fine.

Penalty points are being introduced shortly (see Narrad’s and Merrin’s posts above). If they start to mount up, the fine is the least of your problems.

Mediumsizednorthwestillinoissuburb, Illinois - $105. According to the kind officer who Mr2U got into an argument with the other day.

Reading these posts reminds me of different attitudes taken by the law in other jurisdictions. In my state at least, speeding is a huge no-no. There’s nearly always a television advertisement campaign going (something along the lines of “10 kilometres an hour over the speed limit increases your stopping distance by 50%”). There’s always print ads, even radio ads warning us not to speed (or else). The fines are pretty painful, but the demerit point system is the real sting in the tail. It would be very easy for a driver who persistently breaks the speed limit to lose his or her license.

The strict attitude of this system is reflected in the means by which speeding drivers are caught. It’s quite rare for someone to be pulled up by a policeman in a car. Instead, we have a dozen or so mobile speed cameras (it’s a small city). Other places have fixed speed cameras with signposted warnings when you approach them; our cameras change their location change every day, often several times a day. (Although there’s a thing at the end of the news which (very quickly) lists their general location for the coming day).

It’s like being hunted. The cameras are black and they’re placed under the shade of trees, at the bottom of hills, around corners. In one case, a camera was hidden behind a bus shelter (there was a protest, but the fines stood). They even operate at night - a friend of mine was ‘flashed’ at around 9pm one quiet Sunday night. To rub salt in the wound, there’s a facetious little yellow sign: “You have passed through a speed camera. Thank you for driving within the limit”. Placed, of course, 500 metres down the road so it can’t be spotted before it’s too late. And if you get a fine, forget about protesting. I don’t know anyone who’s managed to wheedle their way out of a speed camera fine, no matter the excuse.

Draconian? Certainly. Mean-spirited? For sure.

But I like it. The less chance I have been run down as a pedestrian - or my car being hit by an out-of-control driver - the happier I am.

My mother paid, several months ago, 30 marks for 39 kmph in a 30 zone. US$10-15.

Last summer, southern Minnesota about ten miles out of La Crosse, 85 in a 70 on I-90. The ticket was ~$87, I think.

We won’t go into how fast I was actually going, but rather just be quietly grateful that the state trooper only recorded it as 15 over to keep it in the lower scale.

$95 for going 81 mph in a 70 mph zone on Interstate 55 in rural Mississippi. Paid it by mail since I live an hour north from where the infraction occured. Even though the state police handle the speed patrols and write the tickets, the fines are payable to the clerk of court of the county in which you were caught.