How much can I expect to pay for a new furnace?

The blower motor went out on my furnace/AC unit last month and rather than just replace the motor I’m thinking I might as well just go ahead and have a new unit installed. This system has been here since the house was built in 1956 so it’s on it’s last legs anyway. And besides, I’m sure a new one would be much more efficient so there would be savings on the cost of operation. I live in a 3 bedroom, single story, brick, ranch style home in Chicago. So what will it set me back?

This is just a starting point. We bought a new forced air furnace 6 years ago. Our year 'round temperature is mild, so no A/C. It was $6000, but it was installed on a holiday.

Paid just a little over 3 grand for my new bryant furnace last year. That included everything, install, a little custom sheetmetal work, and obviously the furnace itself. My house is kinda like yours (3 bedroom, built in 50’s, brick), except it has a basement.

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I paid about $5000 for an oil steam furnace about a year ago. That is all inclusive.

I’m a HVAC contractor and sell/install many of these. Chicago (my hometown) is significantly more expensive than SW Ohio, where I’m at now.

The best answers you get will be from people from Chicago because the prices will vary wildly by region. They will also vary wildly even within Chicago, Furnaces are like cars; you can buy a Ford Escort (Goodman/Janitrol 80% AFUE) or a Cadillac (Carrier 96% AFUE w/ variable speed blower), and several in between.

Good “middle of the road” brands that are reasonably well made and provide good service are Bryant, york, Amana, Ruud, Comfortmaker, Arco, Armstrong, Payne, Ducane, American Standard, etc etc. There are others. the typical furnace is 80-84% efficient. (each of those brands have higher end units, going to 96% and up, costing much more)

Higher end units are generally Carrier, Trane & Lennox. (Like cars, opinions vary wildly, and some may disagree with this list)

That having been said, I would guess a basic decent furnace with minimal sheetmetal work would be around $2600-$3500. If substantial sheetmetal work is needed, the cost could approach $5000-$5500.

Make it a 96%, or add an electronic air cleaner, humidifier or super duper setback thermostat and the price could go higher. If you get some proposals, post the info here, or email me and I can let you know my [humble] opinion, or what questions to ask.

Use the BBB! If you get 3 prices and one is 40% lower than the other 2, run! If it is too good to be true, it is! It wouldn’t be unreasonable to ask to see proof of insurance or workmans comp. Good luck.

Note: None of those numbers included Air Conditioning. I would strongly recommend replacing the AC if it is more than 12-15 years old if you’re going to replace the furnace. (if it’s in the budget)

Thanks for the info/advice all. I’d never heard of Bryant before today. (Ours is a Lennox.) The website was very informative. Seems like home ownership is a neverending education. Like it or not. Guess I’ll start some local research by talking to family and friends and get some input from their Chicago experiences. And Raindog, you made a good point about the AC. Might as well include it now since it’s just as old as the furnace. Even though we hardly ever use it, it will at least add to the value of the house.
Looks like I’m also going to have to head to the bank for a home equity loan to pay for all this upgrading. There’s no way I’m going to finance something that large through a dealer.
I’m hoping to get this out of the way by the end of Sept. I’ll let you know how I made out. Thanks again.

FWIW, Bryant is part of the company that owns Carrier, ICP and others. Bryant is a well made piece of equipment. In fact, on some models the contractor receives the furnace with both a Bryant and a Carrier label. He simply affixes the one he sold, and throws the other label away; the furnace is the same whether it is Carrier or Bryant. They also sell under other brand names. Bryant has been around many, many years.

Very interesting. Kind of like Dodge Caravan and Plymouth Voyager. Your input is much appreciated.