How much can I expect to pay for this vehicle?

I have a vision… I forsee myself having the ultimate road trip bus. Fold-down bed, plenty of seats, built-in cooler, all kinds of fun stuff. After some thinking, I thought I coul dgte what I was looking for in something like this (different paint job, methinks).

I’d do the work myself, so I’m not looking for a custom-made deal from the factory or anything. Just a basic, used short bus. It would need to be able to make 150 miles round trips every two weeks (San Francisco to Santa Cruz, if it helps) on somewhat hilly terrain, pluys the occasional longer SoCal road trip. I probably wouldn;t use it much in the City for day-to-day stuff.

How much could I expect to pay for something that could handle all that?

Plus, where could I look? eBay? Maybe get in contact with a commercial transport company that uses similar buses, so I could grab a retired one?

If you guys help me get one, I promise. Dopefest in the party bus!

Here ya go.

Here’s another one.

Then again, if you’re looking for something really special, there’s always [url=“”]Maximog[/url!


Geez, sorry about all the posts. I guess I’ve got an itchy trigger finger today.


Hey, no problem, this is exactly the kind of stuff I needed, thanks.


See if any of the school districts in your area have surplus equipment auctions. My school district sold one of those short buses for a few hundred bucks last year. Good luck.

-Andrew L