How much cash is in your wallet right now?

I got burned last night because nobody else in our group carried more than a pitiful amount of cash and so I was stuck with the lions end of a purchase with promises that they would “get me back” at a later point.

I don’t get this trend towards carrying a minimal amount of cash in everyday life. I feel uncomfortable if I don’t have at least $100 in my wallet at all times but evidently, I’m an outlier on this issue.

List the exact amount and also your age in the comments.

Early 30’s. Never carry cash. I use credit cards for everything (usually paid off every month). On the rare occasion I do need some cash, I’ll just bum a loan from the wife. :slight_smile:

I have $159 and I am in my mid-twenties.

I usually carry about $60. I got out of the habit of carrying more when I lived and worked in the city and could have been mugged. When I’m traveling I carry more cash, in case I can’t get to an ATM.

ETA: I forgot to include my age. 38.

I am 50 years old. I do not carry cash.

This is all due to my younger son, who would, from an early age, pester me to buy him stuff. In defense I quit carrying cash.

20 years later I reckon I’m used to it.

I put $200 into my wallet every two or three weeks.

When I was in Reno a couple of years ago I netted $300 playing blackjack. I’ve kept a C-note from my winnings in my wallet since then, just in case I ever needed it. So I voted $100-$500 (because it’s there); but not counting that, my wallet contains four ones and a fin.

I’m beyond broke. My bank balance is sitting at -$876 at the moment, and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

As for my age, I’m 28, and unemployed at the moment.

I am a 51 year old male.

I do not carry a wallet, haven’t for years. They make my ass look fat.:wink: I carry folded bills in my pocket. Currently I have $184.00. Out in my car’s locking compartment is an otterbox (a waterproof box the size of a paperback book). In the otterbox is my DL, credit cards, gas receipts, health insurance card, etc.

It works for me.

33 years old, £70.

$7, 21

Why is $11-100 one category? I never carry more than $50 in my wallet (I am 19). Right now I probably have about $15, but that’s because I just spent some money the other day. I usually have closer to $40.

26 years old. female. £71 and some change. I use cash for everything right now, but that is a fairly new development, due to being fairly low on money right now.

30s…never carry cash. I have my debit cards, credit card, and checkbook (which is never used) and that gets me through most situations. On the rare occasion that I need actual cash, I will usually pop into a grocery store, buy a soda or small item and get cash back (cheaper than ATM fees and I get something I need for the small amount of extra money I spend).

I know they say that using cards can cause you to spend more because the emotional attachment isn’t there like it is with money, but I am just the opposite. If I have $100 in cash, I am going to spend it, if I have $100 on a debit card (or available credit) I am going to think twice about impulse purchases because it isn’t worth the hassle of running a card or seeing that dip on my bank statement.

I stopped carrying cash at all in the early 90s and it has proven to be a sound financial decision/spending plan for me.
ETA: My vote for $0 was actually wrong. As it turns out, I do have $8 (in ones) in my purse right now (but not in my wallet) but it is just a fluke and not the normal way I do things. My daughter needed money for the vending machines while she was in the hospital; she came home yesterday and gave me back the ones she had left over so I stuck them in my purse.

I usually carry at least $500. I am 38.

903 USD, 130 EUR, 1350 CZK, 430 CHF plus about $100 equivalent in a few Gulf currencies.

22 years old. Eight bucks. I’m acutally feeling like I have some money right now (since I’m about to graduate college without debt, and I have work lined up until then) but I still rarely carry more than about twenty dollars in cash. Debit and credit for almost everything.

I don’t carry cash in my wallet. I do have over $200 folding money in my pocket, but I rarely have as much as $300 on my person. I quit carrying cash in a wallet many years ago. Concern over pickpockets I think.

I answered the poll in the $0 category.

My wallet is for driver’s license and other ID as well as the bank card for ATM use. I don’t use credit cards. Another habit from long ago when I would use a credit card (I had up to four at one time) to buy stuff I didn’t need. Cut them all up in the 70’s and haven’t used one since.

I don’t know exactly how much I have in there, but I got $50 out of the ATM the other day and have more than $10 left.

I’m 30. Like MitzeKatze I am much more willing to part with cash than put something on my credit card. I think because I actually pay more attention to my credit card expenditure than my cash. Cash just comes out of the ATM and goes in to Quickbooks as a cash withdrawal. Credit card purchases are all itemized and categorized. As far as I’m concerned, any cash in my wallet is “fun money” and that’s not always a good thing.

However, if I’m going someplace that requires cash (most likely a dinner with friends) I make sure I not only have cash but small bills. I try to make sure we poll before we order as to whether or not we’ll need separate checks or not.

I’m also on the other side of the OP…I can’t imagine why having cash makes anyone feel more secure. If I have cash I feel like it can get stolen. If there’s ever a situation where I can’t use my credit card (rare) then there’s always an ATM nearby.

And, since I am like ever other Doper and follow the Golden Rule of “Thou Shalt Not Ever Pay Interest On Thou Credit Card” :rolleyes:, it’s not like using my credit card costs me anything.

Does anyone have any examples of situations where you can’t pre-plan to have cash and would absolutely be fucked without it?

I’m a 19 year old male, and it varies with my planned activities.

I think I’ve got either 80 or 130 in my wallet at the moment. I rarely carry more than 150, and never without reason.

  1. I’ve got $20 in my wallet right now. Had another $10, but I spent it yesterday.

I have one, and it is so rare as to not even be a consideration for most people. I got lost in the jungle-like hills of Guam- the whole island is only 30 miles long and I got lost! :o

I really needed a drink (soda, not a drink, drink) and something to eat because I was hot, tired and frustrated in addition to being lost while my husband was on TDY off-island and I had left my cell phone at home. I stopped at a little convenience type store (so far in the hills that the clerk barely spoke English) but not only did they not carry Diet Pepsi, they only took cash. This went on through a few more villages before I found my way back to Marine Highway and a “real” store that knew what my debit card was and let me use it. :slight_smile:

So my advice to anyone planning to drive across Guam without knowing where things are is to carry a bit of cash in case you need a drink or gas or something before you find your way out of the jungle. :slight_smile: